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10 Items Outdoor Enthusiasts Need in Their Pack

By Eastman Tourism

October 25, 2021
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10 Items Outdoor Enthusiasts Need in Their Pack: The What, Why & Which One

Written by Noel Linsey in Manitoba Outdoor Magazine

The Manitoba Outdoor Magazine is full of fantastic tips, tricks and Manitoba destinations that new or not-so-new outdoor enthusiasts will love and appreciate. Created by John Falk of John Peter Events and many hardcore nature and adventure seekers, Manitoba Outdoor Magazine is made for the outdoorsmen, the nature lover, the thrill-seeker, and, really, anyone who loves the great outdoors!

Today’s blog features one of Manitoba Outdoor Magazine’s articles titled 10 Items Every Outdoors Enthusiast Should Have in Their Backpack by Noel Linsey.

Eastman Tourism loves helping people find wonderful things to do outside in our region. This article from our partners at Manitoba Outdoor Magazine will help keep you safe while enjoying your time in Eastern Manitoba. So dive in and see what 10 items outdoor enthusiasts need in their pack.

1. Grohman #4 Survival Knife

I carry a fixed blade Grohman #4 Survival Knife in my bag. I love the size, the weight and the ergonomics of the Grohman for every task. The blade both takes an edge easily as well as holds a decent edge through serious abuse.

Check out the Grohman #4 Survival Knife right here.

2. Worksharp Guided Knife Sharpener

Always keep an edge on your knife with the Worksharp Guided Field Sharpener. It’s small and light enough to carry around all day, and it can handle any task you throw at it. The best part is that around $35.00, this little sharpener won’t break the bank.

Check out the Worksharp Guided Field Sharpener right here.

3. Silva Ranger Compass

A good compass, like the Silva Ranger, is both affordable and damned near bulletproof. I’ve had my model 515 Ranger for years, and it has never let me down. Learn more about the Silva Ranger right here.

4. Coglan’s Pack II First Aid Kit

Accidents happen. From small cuts and abrasions to more serious injuries and burns. A small but well-thought-out first aid kit like the Coglan’s Pack II first aid kit is a must for your bag. The plastic container keeps everything bone dry, and it weighs next to nothing. It’s a lot of peace of mind for a small cost.

Get your Coglan’s Pack II here.

5. Camp Money

It’s as inevitable as the passing of time. At some point on your trip, nature is going to call. Obviously, for longer trips, toilet paper is mandatory, but even day trips can occasionally require some quiet time squatted over a cat hole. I carry enough for an emergency situation in Ziplock baggy in the front pocket of my bag.

6. Small Survival Kit

What do you do if you somehow become lost or someone is too injured to make it back to the truck in one push? Keep a small survival kit in your day bag, just in case. My survival kit includes wet proof matches, a lighter, fire starting material (a small tin filled with dryer lint impregnated with Vaseline), spare batteries, water purification tablets, a few hard candies for energy, 20’ of paracord and a solar blanket.

7. Nalgene Water Bottle

A Nalgene water bottle is an absolute must-have for any trip. It’s light, bombproof and holds 1 litre of sweet life-giving nectar. Get a Nalgene bottle here.

8. SteriPEN

With the SteriPEN, you get a quick, simple way to purify water with the added bonus of a LED flashlight. This light, convenient-sized tool is a must, especially for those multi-day trips where lugging around litre upon litre is too much of a hassle.

Learn more about the SteriPEN here.

9. MSR Pocket Rocket Ultralight Camping Stove

A stove so small it can fit in your pocket. This perfect-sized stove is a must if you enjoy a warm drink once you get back to camp and can be super helpful if you pack dehydrated meals. The best part? You can have your water boiling in under 5 minutes.

Learn more about the MSR Pocket Rocket here.

10. Stanley Cook Kit

And last, but certainly not least for the 10 items outdoor enthusiasts need in their pack, a Stanley cook kit.

You’ve got the stove in your pocket, now you need your cook set. Stanley’s Adventure Bowl + Spork Compact Cook Set is just the thing you need after a long day of outdoors, adventure and fun.

Find Stanley Cook Kit here.

About Noel Linsey

Photographer, videographer, hunter, angler, archer and anything outdoors is what Noel Linsey lives and breathes. Not shy of sharing his love of nature, Noel started The New Tradition Outdoors, a website where he shares tips, tricks and information about hunting and fishing, reviews gear, and promotes conservation on the natural resources that outdoor enthusiasts use.

Noel has also combined his passion for photography, videography, nature, and tourism to create NC Linsey Creative. With experience and a creative mind, NC Linsey Creative has you covered whether you need photo, video, or graphic design for your event, product and business. You’ll even notice that all of Manitoba Outdoor Magazine’s design and layout was done with NC Linsey Creative.

No matter what venture Noel sets out to do, you’ll find that the great outdoors and working with people are at its heart soul.

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