Eastern Manitoba Is Rich with Immersive Experiences

Immersive experiences will connect you with locals who are passionate about their craft, stories, or traditions who have opened their doors to you.

Whether it’s history, people, culture, food or nature in spring, summer, winter or fall, experiences will move you, engage you, and help create memories of your time here.

Come experience the essence of a place and its people that will engage you in memorable travel adventures that are inherently personal, engage the senses, and make connections on an emotional, physical, spiritual, or intellectual level. Be actively and meaningfully engaged in what Eastern Manitoba has to offer and feel welcomed with open arms here in friendly Manitoba.

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Farm, Fibre, Food & Friends

Connect, Create, and Enjoy a Simpler Life

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Slow down and spend an afternoon with us on our family farm. Immerse yourself in time-honored traditions, create with your hands and sync with the rhythms of a simpler time.
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The Buzz About Bees

A Golden Bay Honey Farm Adventure

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Join us and discover why a hands-on bee farm tour is the ultimate way to connect with nature and learn about the fascinating lives of bees. It’s informative, unforgettable, and oh-so-sweet!
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giziibiiga’ige-aagimo “Soap & Stories”, An Experience!

The House That Love Built - giziibiiga'ige-aajimo; "Soap & Stories" An Experience!

Fawn Feature Image
Fawn Pic2
Begin your afternoon or weekend experience fireside with stories about the history and heritage of the renovated 110 year old farmhouse turned Bed & Breakfast and Glamping, and the bilingual community of St. Pierre Joylys where it is situated.
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Forest to River

Where Art, History and Inspiration Flow

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Pinawa 10

Pinawa Art 211

Engage in the inspiration that artists discover in the Boreal Forest and the Winnipeg River.
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A Métis Voyage

Beading 4
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Borealis Beading

Experience Métis culture and history through beadwork, food and nature.
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Down N’ Dirty

It's a Family Thing

Hidden Valley Haven 1
Hidden Valley Haven 3

Hidden Valley Haven

Imagine a family fun experience that brings joy, laughter, deep family connections and wonder. Imagine getting a little dirty while doing it! If you are a free spirit and these are things your family would enjoy doing together, then let’s go!
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A dye your own wearable art experience

Masagana 10
Masagna 1

Masagana Flower Farm & Studio

Make this summer one of a kind.

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