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Experience Manitoba

By Eastman Tourism

July 21, 2021
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Get Out, Explore, and Meet New Friends with Experience Manitoba!

Experience Manitoba is, well, quite the experience! If you are an adventurer at heart, wanting to explore our magnificent province, or just looking for a safe and fantastic way to meet new people, Experience Manitoba is just the thing you need to try!

Experience Manitoba is an excellent way for women to get outside and enjoy the fun things Friendly Manitoba offers. The group aims to get together at least four times per month and encourages members to try something they have never tried (or even imagine) doing before. These meetups, as they call them, can be any kind of adventure, from heart-pounding, thrilling adventures like zip-lining to tranquil and refreshing nature journeys like hiking. They can be educational outings like kayak lessons, or spending the day working on a farm to cultural experiences like visiting a sweat lodge or a small town tour.

For those looking for active endeavours like rifle shooting, snowshoeing or cross country skiing, you can do those too! Or maybe you need a weekend break with ski trips, sleeping in an igloo, or camping trips. Perhaps you’re looking to live on the crazier side of life and would love their opportunities for quadding or even flying in a small plane.

Experience Manitoba isn’t afraid to give either; they even offer meetups where you get together to volunteer for things like a Girl Guide camp or chopping Christmas trees down for women’s shelters.

When we say that you can go on any kind of adventure imaginable, it really isn’t an overstatement. Experience Manitoba started with Sandy, the founding member and organizer who has been in Manitoba since 2006 and is a permanent tourist. Sandy immigrated to Canada from the UK, where she ran women’s groups for 15 years. Her Manitoba friends all ask her advice on where to go and what to do. Sandy even has a little tourist office in her home. Sandy started Experience Manitoba in 2010 to share her passion with other women. With the organizational assistance of Helen and event hosts Helen, Jeannie, Karen, and Patti, Experience Manitoba is a thriving women’s outdoor adventure group for all ages!

This is a fabulous resource for women to get out, explore, and try new activities while meeting unique people and future friends in a safe environment.

For more information, please visit Experience Manitoba’s website or Facebook Page.

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