There’s plenty of room for guests in Eastern Manitoba – and you’re going to love your hosts. Wake up to the sights of natural wilderness from your rustic cabin window, smell the scent of fresh brewed coffee at a cozy bed and breakfast, or luxuriate in a resort on the water. Warm hospitality, hosts with character and stories to tell, all the comforts you need, wherever you go in Eastern Manitoba, we roll out the red carpet for you.


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Falcon Beach Ranch

Falcon Beach Ranch is situated in the beautiful, rugged Whiteshell Provincial Park at Falcon Lake, Manitoba.  Guests will find a friendly ambiance awaiting them. The peaceful surroundings with a western setting are sure to please. Horseback riding, relaxing and enjoying the rustic simple beauty provide all of our visitors with fond memories and experiences.


Lot 83, Barren Lake Road Falcon Lake


Debonair Campground

Debonair guests can enjoy their private beach within a short stroll of their personalized camping sites. The palm trees around the beach make for a tropical feel, and play structures throughout the campground provide a safe and fun area for kids of all ages.


St. Malo, MB

Accom Resort Cabin Showcase

Buffalo Point Resort

A visual spectacle of rugged, natural beauty carved out of Lake of the Woods, Buffalo Point Resort is as breathtaking as it is fun, offering some of the finest year round outdoor recreation and hospitality you’ll find anywhere.


50 Marina Road, Buffalo Point, MB

Barrier Bay Resort Store1

Barrier Bay Resort

Whether you are reconnecting with the love of your life or honeymoon sweethearts just starting out, Barrier Bay is a couple’s paradise.


Whiteshell Provincial Park, MB