A Métis Voyage


$195 per person


38073 Mun 49N, Ste. Genevieve


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Borealis Beading is located on the homeland of the Métis nation, surrounded by aspen oak forest. You will be welcomed with a fireside chat introducing you to Métis culture.

Melanie will share some personal experiences from growing up in a close-knit French Métis family, leading up to her most recent experiences with her beading journey. A scouting walk in the forest will introduce you to native vegetation traditonally used by the Métis people, whether used medicinally or artistically through  beadwork. Your next experience will be a hands-on introduction to beading to understand how the Métis became known as the Flower Beadwork People and to learn some of the untold stories lurking behind the intricate art of beadwork. Finally, you will taste locally-sourced bison jerky, honey, cheese, butter, homemade bannock and jam while sharing your thoughts on the day’s activities.

Part of the Experience will occur outside with low impact walking, so please wear appropriate footwear and outdoor clothing.


  • Snacks and beverages (including water) will be provided for you.
  • 2 to 6 attendees only per booking date.
  • The Experience is from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM.
  • Geared for 16 years and older.

Understand how the Métis became known as the Flower Beadwork People.

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