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Supporting Local Businesses That Support You

Supporting your local businesses is always important, but now more than ever! So many of the stores offer vital services and products that help you in daily life.

By Eastman Tourism

April 6, 2020
Read time: 4 min

Supporting your local businesses is always important, but now more than ever! So many of the stores offer vital services and products that help you in daily life. Here is a small list of some of the businesses that we think can help you through this challenging time.

*Disclaimer* Time in nature has not been cancelled, but we must be responsible to help everyone stay safe and healthy! Here are some guidelines to follow while exploring your community:

  • Stay home if you have been traveling or do not feel well. Here is a great resource if you are quarantined. This will help you find people in Manitoba who are willing and able to help you while quarantined. Help Next Door Manitoba
  • Go out with your family, but practice social distancing with other groups.
  • Stay within your community. Please do not travel to other communities.
  • Stay off play structures in parks and schools.
  • Social Distancing can be easier in rural communities because we live farther apart from each other. If you live in a condo or apartment, please follow the guidelines provided to you to ensure you keep your social distance from you neighbors.

Grocery Stores: No Contact Pick Up & Deliveries

This one seems obvious, but worth a mention. More and more people are doing everything they can to avoid going out, but everyone needs food! Many stores are offering deliveries and no contact pick up (where you place an order and then pick up). Contact your local grocery store and see how they are handling grocery orders and deliveries.

If you are in self isolation, please contact Help Next Door Manitoba, an organization that is working towards helping people in isolation who can not pick up their needs.

Hardware Stores

The season of house renos is coming upon us; and with you being cooped up in the house you can even get an early start!

Support your local hardware store and get your supplies, tools, and appliances from them!

JoyeZart: Online Art Therapy & Counselling

In this world of self isolation, social distancing, and just plain panic and worry it can easily take its toll on you. The important thing to know is that there is no shame in admitting that you need help and that there are resources that can help you through these difficult times.

JoyeZart works towards easing anxiety and depression through online art therapy and counselling for all ages. Their Facebook page also gives helpful tips, information, and motivational posts about how to manage these feelings throughout the day.

The Local Motion in Pinawa

Whether you’re already a die-hard exercise guru, or a newbie, you can enjoy The Local Motion workout programs right from your home. They offer online classes and Facebook Live sessions, so even though you’re stuck at home, you can get that summer bod ready!

Check out their Facebook page to set up your exercise goals and routine!

Restaurants: Take Out Orders

Sometimes, you just don’t feel like cooking. You work, deal with the kids (and now their schooling), deal with stressed out customers, and much, much more in a day.

Sit back and relax for bit because, honestly, you deserve it! You might not be able to eat at a restaurant anymore, but you can still do take out. Some places are even delivering now! And when it’s a really stressful day, you can now order alcoholic beverages with your take out!

Check out your local restaurant’s website, or even call them, to see what services they are offering.

BONUS: Buylocal.ly

Buylocal.ly was started because of the challenges that small businesses are facing since the start of COVID-19. Simply go onto their website, head over to Shop Local and put in your town’s name, address, or postal code to find businesses near you!

Government platforms, chambers of commerce, Travel Manitoba, regional tourism associations, and more are encouraging businesses to list their business on the website. So, if you are running a business, what are you still doing here? Get your business signed up today!

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