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Strike a Pose at These Stunning Eastman Locations

By Eastman Tourism

January 24, 2022
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Strike a Pose at These Stunning Eastman Locations – Find Your Next Photography Adventure

Eastern Manitoba is home to an extensive range of beautiful destinations with unique landscapes, statues, wildlife and history. Strike a pose at these stunning Eastman locations to find your next photography adventure and challenge!

If you recently started doing photography, check out our blog, Photography 101, for some tips and techniques. The tips in the blog are just the tip of the iceberg of things to learn about photography, but they are some basic things to keep in mind when on your photoshoot.

Pinawa Suspension Bridge (Pinawa)

The Pinawa Suspension Bridge offers many fantastic photography muses and challenges and is definitely a must-see attraction in the gorgeous town of Pinawa! This is the perfect destination to snap a few photos from the natural beauty of the Pinawa Channel view abundance of wildlife to the Suspension Bridge itself!

The bridge was built by volunteer labour under the direction of the Pinawa Trails Group and is known to many in the community as the “Labour of Love,” completed in the fall of 1998 with the grand opening on May 24, 1999.


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Spur Woods Wildlife Management Area (Piney)

Slap on some snowshoes and grab your camera for an exhilarating adventure through the Spur Woods Wildlife Management Area!

Spur Woods Wildlife Management Area provides excellent habitat for breeding and migrating forest owls, including large great gray owls and the tiny northern saw-whet and boreal owl. Several trails crisscross the WMA.

For first-time users, try the old railway spur line, accessible about a half-mile down the forestry road. It provides a nice, raised trail that gives you a view of the surrounding forest. Spur Woods is located on Hwy 201, about 4 km east of Menisino. Google Spur Woods Heritage Monument for exact location – you’ll see a large rock on the south side of the highway with a plaque to commemorate the site as one of the last old-growth forest stands in southeastern Manitoba. The forestry road is not plowed, so you may have to park on the side of Hwy 201.

St. Malo Shrine and Grotto (St. Malo)

If you are searching for a breathtaking, stunning location to snap some photos at, then St. Malo Shrine and Grotto is the place to go!

The St. Malo Shrine and Grotto is a reproduction of the Grotto in Lourdes, France. This astonishing site is a hidden gem that will leave you awestricken by its sheer beauty. Situated by the Rat River, the site offers a peaceful experience of history and sightseeing all year round. Lines of pews inhabit the area in dedication to people in the local area, along with stations of the cross and church atop the branched staircase.

The location is perfect for unwinding while taking in the gorgeous scenery, historical monuments and testing your photography skills!


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