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Spring into Spring!

By Eastman Tourism

March 18, 2022
Read time: 33 min

Spring into Spring! Celebrate the First Day of Spring With 20 Eastern Manitoba Photos!

It’s here! It’s here! Well, close enough anyway! The first official day of Spring is March 20, 2022! Spring into Spring with 20 Eastern Manitoba photos!

Quite like this fox, Spring is peaking through and, with the fabulous weather we have had the last few days, is just around the corner!

Are you so excited that you could just DANCE into Spring?

While it still might look like this for a few more weeks, soon you’ll be able to explore surrounded by lush green leaves, flowing waterways, stunning wildflowers and plants, and the warmth of Spring!

And you can’t beat views like this

Are you dreaming of those cabin getaways yet?

This little guy just couldn’t wait for Spring!

And soon, you can get right back up on the water for all your favourite watersport activities!

Even the mix and mingle of Winter and Spring is stunning!

Even your furry friends will love exploring with you and admiring magnificent views.

And don’t forget to experience our breathtaking nightlife!

Have you missed road trips? We sure have!

Museums in Eastern Manitoba will be opening their doors once again too!

You gotta love those prairie skies, even when they are a bit gloomy!

The wildlife is incredible! But from afar.

Not to mention, there will be many fantastic locations where you can practice your photography skills.

Have you missed sunbathing?

And get ready to live that Lake Life!

Slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures!

This one was just too good not to share!

And don’t forget to enjoy the last little of winter we have left!

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