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Sponsorship Policy

Eastern Manitoba Tourism Association herein referred to as Eastman Tourism sees great value in community events and festivals in the Eastern region.

By Eastman Tourism

May 31, 2019
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Sponsorship Policy

Eastern Manitoba Tourism Association herein referred to as Eastman Tourism sees great value in community events and festivals in the Eastern region. Eastman Tourism recognizes that many volunteer hours and coordination go into making community events and festivals engaging for their residents and visitors. Eastman Tourism also recognizes the value of events and festivals as they provide a tourism product or experience for visitors that are tied to local heritage, cultural heritage, nature-based experiences, sporting competitions, among others. While recognizing the value of local events and festivals, and the need for them to undertake sponsorship campaigns, Eastman Tourism recognizes the need to remain fiscally responsible as their operating budget is received by annual grants from funders. The procedures below outline the steps for Eastman Tourism to respond to sponsorship inquiries.


Community Events:
A community event is any planned gathering on public property consisting of 50 or more people or any sized event which blocks/reserves access to public property / right of way.

An event that celebrates some unique aspect of a community, happening, a type of artistic performance, media event, an event created for publicity.

Something (or someone) is the act of supporting an event, activity, person, or organization financially or through the provision of products or services. The individual or group that provides the support, like a benefactor, is known as sponsor.


1. Submit the sponsorship request in writing to admin@eastmantourism.ca.

2. Eastman Tourism will review sponsorship requests on a case by case basis at board meetings or through email correspondence, to identify if any support can be achieved through an in-kind donation service such as online promotion, promotion at a trade show, or social media promotion for the equivalent value being sought.

3. The sponsorship value will be based on the in-kind sponsorship rates up to $1000 – see below. No direct monetary value will be given from Eastman Tourism to a party requesting sponsorship for a community event or festival.

4. Sponsorship requests will be reviewed alongside the corresponding annual operating budget status and capacity to provide the in-kind contribution service.

5. Review of a sponsorship request does not guarantee that in-kind contributions will be realized.

6. Communication for the sponsorship will be between the Executive Director and the requesting party. Should the sponsorship exchange value and service being offered be mutually agreeable, final approval to support the sponsorship requests through in-kind contribution service will be passed by resolution at a board meeting or via email quorum with the board of directors before being communicated back to the requesting party.

Eligibility Requirements

1. A not-for-profit organization.
2. Purchase of a not-for-profit annual membership.
3. Located in the Eastern Region.

Expected Results and Acknowledgement

1. Provide a brief report on the event that includes attendance, volunteers recruited, partnerships developed and media coverage.
2. Publicly acknowledge the support received through use of the Eastman Tourism logo on website, social media, and printed material. Logo files will be supplied upon approval of request.

In-kind Sponsorship Rates by Platform

Facebook Posts $50/post (not boosted)
Facebook Calendar (Top Level Posting Multi-day Events) $200/monthly
Facebook Calendar (Generic Posting) $100/monthly
Twitter Tweet $50/post
Instagram Image Share $50/post
Blog Article (Exclusive) $600/blog
Blog Article (Group Feature) $200/blog
Blog Article (Hot This Week Inclusion) $100/blog
Trade Show Representation $100


Jenny L. Dupas
Executive Director
Eastman Tourism
204-451-1757 or 204-348-2473

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