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Road Trip to Steinbach

City visits sure has its perks! Load up the vehicle, bring your family and friends, and enjoy an exciting road trip to Steinbach!

By Eastman Tourism

October 7, 2022
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Road Trip to Steinbach – Cool Drinks, Daring Escapes, & Exploring Our Past

City visits sure has its perks! Load up the vehicle, bring your family and friends, and enjoy an exciting road trip to Steinbach!

*Feature image of Mennonite Heritage Village*

Mennonite Heritage Village

The outdoor village may be closed, but there is still so much to do and see at Mennonite Heritage Village!

Shop their Village Books and Gifts to discover unique items – everything from clothing, art, food, and everything else in between! New items are constantly popping up on the shelves, so every visit offers a different experience.

The absolute must-see is their limit-time exhibit, “Leaving Canada: The Mennonite Migration to Mexico.” The last operating date for this exhibit is November 30, 2022.

Leaving Canada explores the history of an ethnoreligious community’s determination to preserve its autonomy. It is a story about competing conceptions of religious freedom and of tensions between religious, linguistic, and educational rights on the one hand and the obligations of citizenship on the other. Learn more about the exhibit on their website.

The grounds are available for strolling (but heritage buildings are closed), come and see the geese at the pond as they start their migration! And keep checking their Events Page and social media channels for updates on upcoming events too!

The Public Brewhouse and Gallery

Beer? Good! Art? Good! A refreshing, television-free environment? Good! What’s not to love about The Public Brewhouse and Gallery?!

The Public is the first microbrewery in Steinbach, Manitoba. They offer and design a wide variety of tastes with brew craft beer onsite using local ingredients from local producers. While sipping on your beer, immerse yourself in stunning art by rural artists in their contemporary art gallery. Or, if art isn’t your thing, take full advantage of the multiple board and card games they have available for patrons!

The Public doesn’t serve food but does have snack mixes available, and you are more than welcome to pick up or order for delivery from your favourite restaurant or bring something yummy from home!

Serving up delicious beers, positive vibes, and a unique, welcoming environment, Public Brewhouse is an absolute must for your next outing in Steinbach!

The Puzzler Escape Rooms

*By appointment only. Book your experience today!*

During your trip to Steinbach, you can’t pass up the chance to experience a daring escape with The Puzzler Escape Rooms! Puzzler has two rooms, with a third one coming soon!

During The Quest room, you have to retrieve the master sword to defeat the Dragon to keep him from wreaking havoc throughout the kingdom. You have just 60 minutes to complete your mission! The recommended group size is four, but they will allow up to a maximum of six players to participate.

For the Jurassic Heist room, your group is tasked to break into Jurassic Island Research Centre to steal dinosaur DNA samples and escape within 60 minutes. Will you complete the heist and escape in time? The recommended group size is four to six, but they will allow up to a maximum of eight players to participate.

Visit their website and social media for updates on the third room coming soon!

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