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Road Trip to Seven Sisters Falls

By Eastman Tourism

August 27, 2021
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Plan a Road Trip to Seven Sisters Falls for a Day of Fun & Adventure

Only 90 km east of Winnipeg, you will discover the beautiful community of Seven Sisters Falls. For your road trip to Seven Sisters Falls, you can explore pristine trails, view an abundance of wildlife, discover countless adventures, and be embraced by a warm, welcoming environment.

Whitemouth Provincial Park

During your road trip to Seven Sisters Falls, you’ll find the magnificent Whitemouth Provincial Park, where you can experience nature and wildlife at its finest!

Whether you’re looking for a great fishing spot, somewhere to hunker down and do some birding, snap a few nature and waterfall photos, or looking for an incredible hiking destination, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Whitemouth Falls Provincial Park. Hidden in the town of Seven Sisters Falls awaits all your favourite outdoor activities. Whitemouth Falls is the site of the confluence of the Whitemouth, and the Winnipeg River, which makes for an incredible scenic view of the two rivers and the Seven Sisters Falls hydro-electric dam.

If you are a birder, this destination is a must for your bucket list! American White Pelicans frequent the falls, and the park is known as a provincially significant staging and migration area for the Great Gray Owls.


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Seven Sisters Falls Generating Station

The Seven Sisters Falls Generating Station is another fabulous place to enjoy nature, hiking, and even a peaceful picnic by the water. But of course, the cherry on top is seeing the incredible structure of the dam, which is the largest producer of electricity on the Winnipeg River – it was described by engineers who designed and built it as the river’s mightiest generating station.

The dam was built in 2 stages. The first stage began in July 1929 and with the building of the powerhouse. In August 1931, it was completed, and its three turbine generators produced a total of 75 MW. The second stage began after World War II in 1948. In 1952, the sixth and final unit went into service. It has an average annual generation of 990 million kWh.

From the trails, nature, history, and the unbeatable view provided by the dam itself, a visit to the Seven Sisters Generating Station is definitely a must during your road trip to Seven Sisters!


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Whitemouth River Valley Heritage Driving Tour

If you want to explore and experience Seven Sisters Falls’ and White River Valley’s intriguing heritage, then you have to participate in the Whitemouth River Valley Heritage Driving Tour! Not only is this a fun yet educational adventure, but you also have the chance to win a cool prize!

This scenic 130-kilometre tour takes you through the vibrant communities of Elma, River Hills, Seven Sisters Falls and Whitemouth. Discover stunning views, historical sites and more while travelling along the scenic backroads. This tour allows you to enjoy the Whitemouth River Valley area from the safety and comfort of your vehicle while giving you the flexibility to stop and enjoy attractions, shops, restaurants and more at your leisure!

As for the contest, all you have to do is post a photo or video of you enjoying the tour and having a blast while using the hashtag #whitemouthriverdrivingtour on Facebook and/or Instagram. It’s that easy! One random winner will receive a Whitemouth River Valley Prize pack – valued at over $400.00! The contest runs from August 11 to October 30, 2021.

Check out their website for more details and more information on the grand prize!


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But Wait! There’s More!

Is any road trip complete without some fantastic food? We don’t think so!

During your road trip to Seven Sisters Falls, stop over at The Dam Restaurant to experience friendly staff that serves with a smile and mouthwatering, too good to be true comfort foods. From the cozy environment in their dining room and screened-in patio, the selection of their diverse menu (that also offers gluten-free and vegetarian options), to the hearty taste of home, this is the perfect place to grab a bite!

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