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Reconnect with Nature with a Visit to our Trails

Reconnect with Nature with a Visit to Eastern Manitoba’s Trails
Are you looking to reconnect with nature?

By Eastman Tourism

July 9, 2021
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Reconnect with Nature with a Visit to Eastern Manitoba’s Trails

Are you looking to reconnect with nature? The trails in Stuartburn, Seven Sisters Falls, and other fantastic communities in Eastern Manitoba will do just the thing!


  • Stay home if you have been travelling or do not feel well. Here is an excellent resource if you are quarantined. This will help you find people in Manitoba who are willing and able to help you while quarantined. Help Next Door Manitoba
  • Go out with people within your household, but practice social distancing (2 metres away) with other groups.
  • Please call ahead before visiting a business and inquire about their regulations to enter the building, such as capacity, sanitation, etc. Also, consider using curbside pickup where possible.
  • Please practice Leave No Trace. Clean up after yourself and leave nothing behind, such as trash and waste.

Agassiz Interpretive Trail (Stuartburn)

With a visit to the Agassiz Interpretive Trail, you’ll experience the breathtaking beauty of the tallgrass prairie ecosystem, along with the various animals, bugs, and birds that call the ecosystem home. No matter what your experience is with hiking, you can enjoy walking through this groomed trail. The trail is located next to the Weston Tallgrass Prairie Interpretive Centre and is a meeting place for many diverse communities of wildlife and plants. Visitors to this endangered habitat will leave with a true sense of why this ecosystem is worth protecting and how Nature Conservancy Canada (NCC) is working hard to secure these precious lands for our children and grandchildren.

You’ll find two options for hiking: A short loop, almost two kilometres that weave through 54 hectares (160 acres) or a longer 3.2-kilometre loop trail that takes you around the 130-hectare (320-acre) site.

Whichever trail you choose, you’ll enter a world of unbelievable beauty and incredible wildlife and nature sightings. Along the way, you’ll find several rest stops, picnic areas, and washrooms at the trailhead.

Please visit NCC and Sunrise Corner’s websites to learn more about Agassiz Interpretive Trail.

Crow Wing Trail (Various Locations)

The Crow Wing Trail is a total of 193 km, connecting and twisting through communities starting at Emerson-Franklin and ending in Winnipeg and is part of the Trans Canada Trail. Towns and Municipalities it runs through are Roseau River First Nation, De Salaberry, St-Pierre-Jolys, Niverville, Ritchot and Emerson Franklin.

The trail is perfect for all levels, with parts easy to navigate or provides a challenge for more experienced outdoor people. You can do all your favourite outdoor activities like hiking, biking, horseback riding, and cross-country skiing. Birding is very popular on this trail. The Chimney Swifts have the highest known concentration in the province on the Crow Wing Trail.

The trail is also an artist’s paradise with plenty of natural, earthy, and animal muses for you to base your next work of art on, whether it’s painting, drawing, photography, or even writing a song about your experience and reconnecting with nature.


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Whitemouth Falls Provincial Park (Seven Sisters Falls)

Whether you’re looking for a great fishing spot, somewhere to hunker down and do some birding, snap a few nature photos, or looking for an incredible hiking destination, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Whitemouth Falls Provincial Park. Hidden in the town of Seven Sisters Falls awaits all your favourite outdoor activities are located in this park. Whitemouth Falls is the site of the confluence of the Whitemouth, and the Winnipeg River, which makes for an incredible scenic view of the two rivers and the Seven Sisters Falls hydro-electric dam.

If you are a birder, this destination is a must for your bucket list! American White Pelicans frequent the falls, and the park is known as a provincially significant staging and migration area for the Great Gray Owls.


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