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Masagana Flower Farm

Masagana Flower Farm is a small-scale flower farm and dye studio where you can find aspiring works of art and experience the magic that takes place here.

By Eastman Tourism

August 23, 2021
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Design, Create & Discover Beauty at Masagana Flower Farm

Discover a world of beautiful clothing items, breathtaking flowers, and delightful, hardworking people at Masagana Flower Farm & Studio. Masagana Flower Farm is a small-scale flower farm and dye studio near La Broquerie, where you can find aspiring works of art created with thought and care or even visit the farm to experience firsthand the magic that takes place here. Growing flowers without synthetic fertilizers in garden beds where lawns previously existed, this creative and unique endeavour is one that you cannot pass up. Masagana advocates for an eco-conscious lifestyle and inspires others to reimagine their greenspaces.

Masagana Flower Farm grows seasonal blooms and cultivates dye plants that they use to make handmade, small-batch, naturally dyed textile goods at their second business, Tinta Studio. The textile accessories that you’ll find at Tinta Studio are tinted with prairie-grown flowers and natural dye. Some items you’ll discover are hand-hemmed habotai silk scarves, 100% organic cotton bandanas, shawls. Each item is carefully designed, created, and are true works of art, ensuring that their newfound owners will love them as much as Tinta Studio does.

Not only can you visit the farm or find fabulous items, but YOU can make your very own creation as well! This one-of-a-kind summer experience welcomes you to a farm where you can give yourself some quality “me” time or have the perfect girls’ trip. Experience the flower farm and get immersed in the garden while u-pick and fill your basket with blooms and use in natural dyeing workshop. Lourdes, the founder of Masagana Flower Farm, will lead you in this immersive, three-hour experience that includes:

  • A tour of the garden where you learn about the dye flowers they grow and use for handmade, naturally dyed textile goods.
  • U-pick the flowers to use in making your wearable art.
  • Leave the farm with your memory of this experience on a silk scarf. Prairie-grown flowers preserved, hand-dyed by you.

The woman who created this magical farm, Lourdes Still, moved to Canada in 2009 and to this day remembers vividly how sweet the smell of Spring was when she first arrived. With a new beginning in every aspect of her life; personal, work, social, and even spiritual. Manitoba’s four-season climate led her to new life rhythms that are very different from tropical living. But through gardening in the prairies, she learned how to live by the season, reconnect to the natural world, and become a better earth steward.

When Lourdes moved to Canada, she landed a job as a flower buyer for a large wholesale company and had the privilege of visiting Colombian flower farms in 2013. After a few years, she realized that though she loved working with flowers, she felt ready to move on from corporate culture. She started the Master Gardener-In-Training program with the University of Saskatchewan and Floret Farm’s Online Workshop, and shortly after, co-founded Masagana Flower Farm with her husband, Kevin.

Within the last decade, she has moved from an urban home to downtown apartments to country living.  Having always lived a busy, fast-paced life, the switch to slow living was a welcome change, and she loves the home and the life she is building with Kevin.  The open fields, Aspen trees, and golden sunsets fill her soul, and she is grateful to be able to share them with you!

For more information, please visit Masagana Flower Farm’s website

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