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Immerse Yourself in Our Art

By Eastman Tourism

July 11, 2022
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Immerse Yourself in Our Art – Explore Eastman in a Different Way

Are you an art lover? Then come on down to Eastern Manitoba to immerse yourself in our art! You would be surprised how many talented, hardworking artists we have creating breathtaking art in our region. From carefully painted masterpieces, detailed sculptures and pottery, thoughtful wood carvings, and more, you’ll enter a world of art and passion at its finest.

Pinawa Art Gallery (Pinawa)

Located in the picturesque town of Pinawa, the Pinawa Art Gallery showcases the work of local artists from Pinawa and surrounding areas. From woodcarvers to sculptors, painters to drawers, fibre artists to photographers, and more. There is a bounty of beautiful, diverse art pieces that will make you say, ‘Wow! How do they do that?’.

Artists range from novice to emerging and established artists, all of whom share a piece of who they are and their stories with visitors to the Gallery. The Gallery itself is run by artists who volunteer their time to manage and staff it, so all can enjoy this wonderful destination.

Pinawa Art Gallery also runs programs in “Just Art Talk (JAT)” Education Centre in the Gallery. Classes, workshops, lectures and demonstrations have included painting, sculpting, flower arranging, card making, calligraphy, art therapy, children’s art, seniors art, photography and other topics as led by the community and guest artists.

Pinawa Art Gallery’s newest venture is their Forest to River Experience. The Forest to River Experience lets you travel through time and nature while unleashing your inner artist. Be inspired as you walk along the Iron Wood with your guide, a local artist, who will share the stories of two historically important women artists; one from a colonial perspective and the other indigenous. After, gather together at Pinawa Art Gallery, to create your own masterpiece where there is no bad stroke or dab of the brush, only your own creativity. Learn more with our blog here.

Masagana Flower Farm & Studio (La Broquerie)

Art with flowers? Sign me up! Masagana Flower Farm & Studio is a small-scale flower farm and dye studio near La Broquerie where they cultivate, create, and collaborate. So, what do they do? At Masagana Flower Farm they believe that creating magic and growing joy is right at our fingertips, no matter who and where we are. They advocate for an eco-conscious lifestyle and inspire others to turn their lawns into garden beds. Aside from growing seasonal blooms, they also cultivate dye plants to make handmade, small-batch, naturally dyed textile goods at their second business, Tinta Studio.

Not only can you enjoy unique textile accessories tinted with prairie-grown flowers and natural dyes, but you can even be part of the process of creating your very own with their Tinta Experience!

If you have ever wondered where your favourite colours come from and what the process of creating these works of art is, then this experience is definitely for you. Masagana Flower Farm offers a different kind of experience that will leave you inspired to try something new. It’s an exclusive experience for participants ready to engage all their senses in creating wearable art, a piece to adorn an empty wall or keep in a cedar chest with the rest of one’s heirloom pieces.

Boreal Shores Art Tour (Various) – August 20 and 21

After a two-year cancellation due to COVID, Boreal Shores Art Tour is back this year on August 20 and 21! During this self-guided driving tour, you’ll experience visually stunning artwork, meet the artists that create their masterpiece, and adventure Eastern Manitoba in an entirely different way.

Creativity runs deep in Eastern Manitoba and inspiration flows at every turn. From the surreal east shore beaches of Lake Winnipeg, through the Winnipeg River System to the rugged lake country of the Whiteshell, join Boreal Shores on a tour of art and landscapes as artists across this beautiful region open their homes and studios to share their world with you.

This year, their art route starts within the Beaches of 59 in Beaconia, Belair, Hillside Beach, Victoria and more; travel South on Highway 11 through Pine Falls/Powerview and St. Georges, then to Lac du Bonnet, Pinawa, Seven Sisters Falls, and River Hills; On Highway 44, you’ll also stop in the communities of Whitemouth, Rennie, Falcon Lake and end back on Highway 11 in Hadashville as your final destination. Visit Boreal Shores’ website to see the map.

In total, you’ll experience 38 artists’ art pieces, each with their own diverse work including acrylics, batik, clay, clothing, fibre, glass (fused, painted and stained), jewelry, metal work, mixed media, photography, oils, pottery, watercolours, woodcarving and woodworking.

NOTE: photo on the bottom left is by Dianne Lund and the photo on the bottom right is by Mary Louise Chown

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