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Green Pastures Farm

By Eastman Tourism

July 22, 2021
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Have Some Farm Fun with Green Pastures Farm

Green Pastures Farm, located in Gardenton, is the perfect place to buy a variety of hand-made, local products and learn about the old fashion ways and farm life. Guy and Leah Bouchard, with the help of their young sons, operate Green Pastures Farm. They live on a second-generation family farm in southeastern Manitoba. Based on 160 acres, the farm nestles in an old-growth oak forest on the banks of the Roseau River; it’s the perfect location to raise turkeys, sheep, crops, and wool.

With a deep commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship, this A-team continues to strive to leave the land and their community a better place for future generations through the values of hard work, responsibility, and integrity.

For their products, you’ll find hand-made wool duvets that are the perfect mix of warmth, comforting weight, yet breathable and perfect for use all year round. The duvets are quilted by hand and filled with wool from their sheep on the farm. Their family has passed on the practice of making these special duvets for generations; they even use the same pattern that was passed on from their grandmothers!

And if you are an avid knitter, you have to purchase some of their yarn! Green Pastures Farm chooses the best fleeces every year to be made into beautiful yarns. You’ll find their Rideau Arcott yarn is soft, fine, and comfortable worn right next to skin. While their East Fresian yarn is sturdy, airy, and elastic.

Green Pastures Farm is also a place to learn, grow, and create! With their various workshops, you can dive into old practices and farm life, learning everything first hand! They are always adding new and exciting workshops, but the fun, sharing of knowledge, and fascinating subjects stay the same. Some of the workshops you can participate in are: Make Your Own Wool Comforter, Learn to Knit and Farm Classes, where you can learn about Equine Leadership, nature, working with wool, caring for sheep and lambs, gardening, chickens, and more.

Learn more about Green Pastures Farm by visiting their website!

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