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Four Eastman Experiences Launching Soon!

By Eastman Tourism

April 22, 2022
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Four Eastman Experiences Launching Soon – Make Summer of 2022 One to Remember

Eastern Manitoba is home to many creative individuals and businesses that offer unique, unforgettable experiences. Last year, Eastman Tourism and four passionate businesses went to work on creating four new experiential packages to offer in Eastern Manitoba.

Each experience offers something entirely different! Whether you want to indulge in the arts, let out your inner child, gain an understanding of heritages and cultures, or reconnect with nature, there’s something for everyone with these four Eastman experiences launching soon.

Below are brief descriptions of each experience. For a complete description of each experience, please follow the links in the sections. And don’t forget to book your experience before they are full!

Down n’ Dirty: It’s a Family Thing!

Hidden Valley Haven’s Down n’ Dirty experience caters to families, encouraging them to take a break from the rigid bustling of everyday life and let loose together! Experience wholesome family fun where the city meets farm life. Take time to breathe in the fresh air as you enjoy the rustic farm setting to unplug, listen to nourishing sounds of nature, explore the Roseau River, cuddle with the animals, get your hands in the dirt, set the stage and prepare a meal together in a way that will create lasting memories of family time.

Forest to River: Where Art, History and Inspiration Flow

Pinawa Art 211’s Forest to River experience lets you travel through time and nature while unleashing your inner artist. Be inspired as you walk along the Iron Wood with your guide, a local artist, who will share the stories of two historically important women artists; one from a colonial perspective and the other indigenous. After, gather together at Pinawa Art Gallery, to create your own masterpiece where there is no bad stroke or dab of the brush, only your own creativity.

Perlage: A Métis Voyage into the World of the Flower Beadwork People

Borealis Beading’s Perlage experience is a journey of understanding how the Métis became known as the Flower Beadwork People while learning firsthand the art of beadwork. Gather together and walk the property while Melanie, the owner/artisan of Borealis Beading, shares the stories and techniques of the Flower Beadwork People and expresses her own journey of connecting with her heritage through art.

Tinta: A Dye Your Own Wearable Art Experience

Masagana Flower Farm’s Tinta experience pairs creativity, art, nature, and fashion for the perfect afternoon of fun out in the garden. Join together with new friends and old ones, wander the garden choosing the perfect flowers and colours, then bring it all together as you dye your very own silk scarves and bandanas.

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