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Eat in Eastman: RM of Whitemouth

By Eastman Tourism

May 27, 2022
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Eat in Eastman: RM of Whitemouth – Tasty Food with Countless Adventures Nearby!

It’s time to Eat in Eastman! Eastern Manitoba is home to some impressive, delicious, and charming restaurants. Today, learn about some of the fantastic places to grab some grub in the RM of Whitemouth, home to the communities of Whitemouth, Seven Sisters Falls, River Hills, and Elma

Brunch: The Spicy Radish

Start your adventure with a brunch date at the Spicy Radish in Whitemouth!

The Spicy Radish may be in a small town, but their ever-changing menu doesn’t show it. Creating unique dishes with locally grown and produced ingredients, you can have a fun, original meal each time you visit.

The Spicy Radish is proud to have a variety of food options, from a meat lover’s dish to vegetarian and gluten-free delights. Whether you’re in the mood for a grill cheese sandwich with a twist, classic or trendy burgers, or something simple like a salad, you can find the meal you’re craving here!

Lunch: Jennifer’s Restaurant

Make it a picnic lunch with the prime feature being Jennifer’s Restaurant’s tasty, and even some exotic, food!

Located in Seven Sisters Falls, Jennifer’s has been a summer favourite in Northern Eastern Manitoba for years! Enjoy mouthwatering dishes like Hungarian goulash, schnitzel or chicken burgers (with a side of fries, of course!), steak and breaded shrimp, and many, many more delights! Order off the appetizers for something a little different like frog legs, kangaroo kabob, and alligator leek soup!

Jennifer’s Restaurant is take-only, with picnic tables onsite.

Dinner: Moon Gate Artisan Bakery

You’ll definitely want to experience this foodie adventure on a Friday, so you can end the day with Moon Gate Artisan Bakery in Whitemouth. Experience delicious wood-fired pizza and other goodies made with locally sourced (or grown right on the property!) ingredients! And new this year is their Bison Cheeseburger made with a bannock crust.

After your incredible meal, take a stroll on the property. Socialize with people around the fire, take a look at the garden, or tip your toes into the Whitemouth River!

Moon Gate Artisan Bakery will be open for the summer on Friday nights, starting on June 3, 2022.

The Activities

Located throughout the RM of Whitemouth are spectacular activities, gorgeous sites to explore, and cozy, unique shops to visit! Check out some of the things to do during your Eat in Eastman adventure!

Seven Sisters Falls Generating Station – The Seven Sisters Falls Generating Station is a fabulous place to enjoy nature, hiking, and even a peaceful picnic by the water. But of course, the cherry on top is seeing the incredible structure of the dam, which is the largest producer of electricity on the Winnipeg River.

Whitemouth Falls Provincial Park – Located in Seven Sisters as well, you can’t pass up the opportunity to explore Whitemouth Provincial Park! Whether you’re looking for a great fishing spot, somewhere to hunker down and do some birding, snap a few nature and waterfall photos, or looking for an incredible hiking destination, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Whitemouth Falls Provincial Park.

Thistlewood Pottery Studio – Located in Whitemouth, you can find one-of-the-kind, hand-crafted pottery work like mugs, pitchers, bowls, plates, and so much more created with care and passion. Cheryl, the owner, guide, and creator of Thistlewood Pottery, also offers pottery lessons so you can harness your own creativity too!

Whitemouth Municipal Museum – Located in Whitemouth, you can discover the intriguing history of RM of Whitemouth at the Whitemouth Municipal Museum! Throughout the museum, you’ll find a world of fascinating facts, stories, artifacts and displays like a 1929 train caboose, a 1909 pioneer house, antique farm machinery collection, a blacksmith shop and log trapper’s cabin, a military M109 A4 Howitzer tank, and a whole artifact building with special treasures and unique items. The most intriguing display, though, would be the story of Dr. Charlotte Whitehead Ross “The Iron Rose.” From 1881 to 1912, she practiced medicine in the region – even though she was not allowed to hold a medical license in the Province of Manitoba during that time.

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