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Eastman Tidbits and Trivia

By Eastman Tourism

October 24, 2022
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Eastman Tidbits and Trivia – Explore a Different Side of Eastern Manitoba

Are you one of those people who loves random facts and trivia? Then this is the blog for you! Learn a few random yet interesting Eastman tidbits and trivia to showoff next time you want to say, “Hey, did you know . . .”

Western Prairie White-Fringed Orchid

The Western Prairie White-Fringed Orchid is an endangered species that is rare to see nowadays but not impossible. Nature Conservancy Canada (NCC) has been protecting this gorgeous plant and is currently studying the water movement patterns of the wet prairies that the species uses. With their Weston Family Tall Grass Prairie Interpretive Center (located in Stuartburn), you can learn and even view this orchid.

For more information about the White-Fringed Orchid, visit NCC’s website.

Entrance to the Wilderness

Did you know the word ‘Nopiming’ in Anishinaabe means ‘entrance to the wilderness?’ A very fitting way to describe Nopiming Provincial Park!

Nopiming is an oasis of nature and wildlife. If you’re an avid adventurer looking for the best place to experience and appreciate Manitoba’s beauty, this is THE place to go. With magnificent Canadian Shield, picturesque lakes perfect for admiring and fishing, fantastic wildlife viewing opportunities for moose, bear, woodland caribou and bald eagles, and so many more adventures, you’ll experience the great outdoors like never before!

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The Longest Running Snowmobile Race

Did you know the Canadian Power Toboggan Championships (CPTC), hosted annually in Beausejour, is the world’s longest-running snowmobile race? Now you do!

CPTC was started in 1963 when the Beausejour Lions Club sought ideas for a new annual event to take place in the community, replacing the Ice Show, which, despite being a very successful event for years, was losing attendance and interest. Ron Kinney and Gary Gault of Dept. of Industry and Commerce, who were assigned the task of presenting an idea for an event, eventually shared their vision of a celebration called Winter Farewell, which would include the Canadian Power Toboggan Championship races on the weekend.

There’s a lot more to the story, including some dramatics and even the then-president of the Lions, Eyfi Walterson, paying out of pocket to ensure this now well-known and loved event would happen. Read the full history on CPTC’s website.

The Canadian Power Toboggan Championships has the world’s fastest and safest 1/2 mile ice oval track. Snowmobiles race at speeds in excess of 170 km/h, and up to 18 racers compete at the same time!

Over 100 racers come from all over North America to take part in this elite international event. Racers of all ages and skill levels compete in Stock, Modified, Vintage and Motorcycle classes, from Kitty Kat right through to Pro levels.

The 2022/2023 season starts on December 10 and 11, 2022, and promises, as always, to be the greatest show on snow! Visit their website for more details.

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