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Eastman Shopping Frenzy: Gift Shops, Goodies, & Antiques

By Eastman Tourism

September 26, 2022
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Eastman Shopping Frenzy: Gift Shops, Goodies, & Antiques

Who’s ready to shop? For this Eastman Shopping Frenzy, you’ll discover fabulous gifts, some of which created by local artists and small businesses, taste the sweet, tangy flavour of birch syrup, and explore vintage treasures!

Barrier Bay Resort Gift Shop (Whiteshell Provincial Park)

You may know Barrier Bay Resort for its relaxing and stunning accommodations, but did you know you can also discover some great products in their gift shop? Many of the items they store are Manitoba-made by local small businesses and artists (such as jewellers, musicians, ceramists, painters, etc.).

They are always adding new items, so every visit offers something different! Discover items like soaps, candles, pottery, jewelry, beadwork, and more! If you’re staying at the resort, or if Barrier Bay is your go-to vacay destination, you can’t go wrong by picking up some fabulous merch! They have some very stylish branded clothing items, accessories, and mugs so you can remember your visit to the resort, and the Whiteshell, in a special way.

The Canadian Birch Company (Online Shopping)

The best kind of shopping is shopping for something tasty! The Canadian Birch Company are producers of premium Birch Syrup, a product that satisfies all palates!

To describe the taste could not be said any better than the creators themselves. “Birch has a BIG taste. There is no other way to describe the luscious, compelling taste of Birch. It is sweet but not overly so. It is fruity but yet toffee-like. It has overtones of molasses & brown sugar, citrus undertones, and a tangy finish that is not unlike a balsamic reduction. Think sweet and sour and how compelling that is in terms of leaving your palette wanting more. This is the magic of Birch!”

Visit their website to discover the flavours and other delicious goodies they offer!

Ol’Lamplighter Antique Store (Dugald)

Do you have an eye for antiques? Then it’s time to stop by the Ol’Lamplighter Antique Shop to discover those vintage treasures!

Ol’Lamplighter is a cozy antique shop that, among other things, has one of the largest collections of oil-burning lamps and parts in Manitoba. During your visit, you’ll find a world of carefully curated vintage and antique items like furniture, décor, and knickknacks.

Call the shop at 204-853-2085 to schedule an appointment and visit their Facebook page for a sneak peek of some of their items!

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