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Eastman Shopping Frenzy: Art, Health, & Shopping Local

By Eastman Tourism

August 12, 2022
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Eastman Shopping Frenzy: Art, Health, & Shopping Local

Let’s upgrade your shopping game with the Eastman Shopping Frenzy!

With this frenzy, you’ll explore and immerse yourself in art, connect and care for your body and mind, and support local businesses, artists, and crafters at the same time!

Boreal Shores Art Tour (Various Locations) – August 20 & 21, 2022

If you’re on the hunt for beautiful, creative artwork, you’ll find it during the Boreal Shores Art Tour! On August 20 and 21, travel around Eastern Manitoba during this self-guided driving tour with 21 stops, 38 artists, and 1 art gallery to explore the world of our local artists. And while you’re immersing yourself in art, you’re bound to discover pieces you just gotta take home!

For more information about Boreal Shores Art Tour, visit their website and check out our blog, Boreal Shores Art Tour is Back.

Bridgehill Pottery (Emerson)

You can never have too much art in your life. So after adventuring the Boreal Shores Art Tour, head over to Bridgehill Pottery to explore their shop! In their shop homes an abundance of artwork and creative products from a variety of local artists and crafters.

Not only can you shop here, but also learn and connect to your artistic side! Through workshops and lessons, you can learn the art and skill of pottery – starting by learning the basics of pottery and continue advancing your clay knowledge.

Lake Winnipeg Glassworks (Online Shopping)

If you have an eye for the delicately created, vibrant art of glasswork, then you will LOVE Lake Winnipeg Glassworks! The artist behind the business, Gordon Boyd, makes every piece by hand, giving each item its own heart and personality, making it truly and uniquely yours.

Enjoy creations like witch balls, crosshatch bowls, decanters, stemless wine glasses, ornaments, and more! While the studio is close to the public, you can view these works of art online and shop on their website too. And don’t worry about the shipping; their glass is meant to last!


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Manitoba Made (Lac du Bonnet)

If you love shopping local or just shopping in general, then you’ll love Manitoba Made. As the name suggests, this shop features all Manitoba-made products and goodies with a focus on supporting Lac du Bonnet and area businesses and artists.

As soon as you walk through their doors, you’ll be welcomed by friendly staff and enter a world of unique items from clothing, home décor, children’s toys and products, food items, art, and a whole lot more! With an ever-growing list of Manitoba businesses, you’ll discover their shelves and racks are constantly changing and filling up with new, exciting products, making every visit entirely new!

Spirit of the Boreal Botanicals (Beausejour)

Are you shopping for health or looking for various herbs, spices, oils, and more? Then your next stop is Spirit of the Boreal Botanicals! Dedicated and passionate about helping you find your way to a healthier, happier, and more balanced self, Spirit of the Boreal Botanicals has just the things to help you reach your goals.

You will discover a world of options for gifts and treats for yourself to soothe body, mind, and soul. With a selection of dried herbs and spices, vitamins and supplements, bath, skin and hair products, artisan teas, herbal salves and infused oils, essential oil, pet products, around-the-home items, and more, whatever you need, you’ll find it here.

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