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Discover Your Next Eastman Adventure

By Eastman Tourism

July 26, 2021
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Discover Your Next Eastman Adventure with These 3 Articles

You can discover an abundance of things to do in Eastern Manitoba! From summer fun with the grandkids, unique shopping experiences, to immersing yourself in our art, whatever adventure you’re looking to do, you’ll find it right here. Discover Your Next Eastman Adventure with this great blog.

This year, Eastman Tourism has been working on the development of their annual Visitor Guide with a small change. This year, the guide is all digital, meaning you can discover all of our fantastic businesses, activities, and treasured gems merely at your fingertips!

Below are three of the Eastman Tourism Digital Guide’s articles that we think will spark some ideas of what adventures you should do next!

For more information about the guide and to discover more great articles, visit Eastman Visitor Guide’s website!


  • Stay home if you have been travelling or do not feel well. Here is an excellent resource if you are quarantined. This will help you find people in Manitoba who are willing and able to help you while quarantined. Help Next Door Manitoba
  • Go out with people within your household, but practice social distancing (2 metres away) with other groups.
  • Please call ahead before visiting a business and inquire about their regulations to enter the building, such as capacity, sanitation, etc. Also, consider using curbside pickup where possible.
  • Please practice Leave No Trace. Clean up after yourself and leave nothing behind, such as trash and waste.

Discover Your Next Eastman Adventure: Things to do with the Grandkids

We know that grandparents everywhere are looking forward to spending quality time with their grandkids this summer. There are a ton of great activities to get you outside with your grandkids in Eastern Manitoba. Check out this article for our list of some of our favourite, educational wear-them-out destinations that will keep you smiling and the grandkids giggling all day long.

Discover Your Next Eastman Adventure: Immerse Yourself in Our Art

Are you an art lover? Then come on down to Eastern Manitoba! You would be surprised how many talented, hardworking artists we have creating breathtaking art in our region. From carefully painted masterpieces, detailed sculptures and pottery, thoughtful wood carvings, and more, you’ll enter a world of art and passion at its finest.

Visit our article, Immerse Yourself in Our Art, to find the best places to experience our vibrant art.

Discover Your Next Eastman Adventure: Unique Shopping Experiences

Did someone say “girls’ trip”? In Eastern Manitoba, you can shop till you drop at unique boutiques, antique shops, herbal businesses, and so much more! Whether you have something specific in mind or just love the hunt for that must-have item, you’ll find that perfect thing for yourself. Check out our guide, Unique Shopping Experiences, for not only our unique stores but also exquisite restaurants to try out and fun side activities you should try during your visit.

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