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There are so many talented and creative people in the Eastman that you don't even know about!

By Eastman Tourism

April 10, 2020
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There are so many talented and creative people in the Eastman that you don’t even know about! From Canadian history, children books, to murder mystery, and more you can get lost in a world of any genre!

Go online to your local library and pick your next great read created by one of the many Eastman authors.

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From the Barren Lands: Fur Trade, First Nations and a Life in Northern Canada by Leonard Flett

This is a story about the fur trade and First Nations, and the development of northern Canada, seen and experienced not only through Leonard Flett’s eyes, but also through the eyes of his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. The lives of indigenous people in remote areas of northern Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan in the 1960s and 1970s are examined in detail. Flett’s successful career with both the Hudson’s Bay Company and the North West Company provides an insight into the dying days of the fur trade and the rise of a new retail business tailored to First Nations.

The Perfect Candidate by Michael Owen Luke

Murder, mystery and malice in the Whiteshell. A hidden highway; a wild beach party and its lethal repercussions; a deadly secret; a father’s desperate search for his missing daughter.

The Morning Light Conspiracy by Michael Owen Luke

When Colin Therman receives a mysterious package of documents and photographs from the secretive ex-policeman Harry Cunningham, he realizes he must figure out their meaning if he is to learn what Harry knows about his missing daughter, who vanished 16 years ago. But what is the connection between Kosmos-954, the Russian nuclear-powered satellite that disintegrated over Canada in 1978, Russian spies in Pinawa in 1989, a nuclear scientist murdered in a cabin in the Whiteshell, and rogue Canadian Security Intelligence Service agents in 2006? With CSIS hot on his tail, aiming to shut down his investigation on the grounds of National Security, Colin must figure out the puzzle and expose a conspiracy before it’s too late.

Take Back Your Outside Mindset by Verla Fortier

After a 40 year career as a nurse and nursing professor, Verla finds that as more diseases are added to her systemic lupus diagnosis, her fears multiply. For the first year, she stays inside her home trying to get better and be the perfect patient.

When this does not work, she takes a sharp left turn into what trees, shrubs, and grass can do for her. When she applies what she finds to her own situation, it works. Then she finds the research too good not to share.
This book and companion workbook shows you that by spending as little as 5 hours a month close to trees, shrubs, and grass, puts you back in the driver’s seat of your thoughts, emotions, life span, memory, attention, and your chronic illness.

Do you feel like you are too busy or too tired to go outside?
Here is just a taste of how to use green space as your miracle drug:

1)Tree time dosages and locations as recommended by peer-reviewed science,

2)Ways of noticing when you are outside to enhance the ability of outside green space to improve your short and long term memory, improve your problem-solving abilities, and your concentration,

3) Words that work for you outside to free your mind for whatever you want to do.

Tap into your potential to change your life by using green space as a tool to feel better in the moment and to buffer yourself against future memory loss, early death, and symptom severity.

You have more control than you think you do. And this way is free and remarkably easy.

Can You See Me by Lousie G. Wert

Theoderick Kantor invited his friends to his family castle for the summer hoping to get some well-deserved vacation before embarking in a new business with them. To everyone’s dismay, his weakness is to help young women in distress, and the new maid his mother obtained while he was away in London, is no exception.

Lili Ann Mayville peeked his interest, but it is her mesmerizing eyes that capture his heart. Lili Ann Mayville lost everything. Her title, her home and her parents. Heartbroken, she finds herself helping her cousin at the Kantor’s castle. Trying to convince herself that she is well bellow Theoderick Kantor’s title, she is determined to find out what happened to her past, but her heart keeps reminding her that he is the one she wants.

The Book That Sam Wrote by Anna Johnson

Sam has written a book. Sam’s story, however, seems to end in exactly the same place it began. A book within a book? How can this possibly be?

The Story of Jack-of-the-Lantern by Anna Johnson

The Story of Jack-of-the-Lantern When the devil offers lazy Jack a magic purse filled with money, Jack thinks his troubles are over. Little does he know, they are just beginning. When the time comes to pay up, Jack backs out of the agreement with the help of fairy magic. But Jack is about to learn that, try as you might, you always have to give the devil his due.

Max and the Midnight Monster by Anna Johnson

Eleven-and-a-half-year-old Max has decided that he is too old to be babysat. After finally convincing his reluctant mother to let him stay home by himself, she and his father attend a gathering a few doors down the street. Max immediately gets up to no good. Max’s mother knows that his overactive imagination has caused problems in the past, so she forbids him from watching any “trash” TV. Max takes advantage of having the house to himself and does the exact thing he knows he is not supposed to do—watch trash TV. He quickly learns that rules are put in place for a reason when the monster from the TV program visits him at midnight.

Lessons from a Nude Man by Donna Besel

Lessons from a Nude Man, a short-fiction collection by Manitoba writer Donna Besel is the seventh title in the Strike Fire New Authors Series. Besel knows prairie landscape–how the frost looks like on a badly tended garden, how trees change one decade to the next and more importantly she has populated her stories with indelible characters.

Lessons from a Nude Man captures both the comedy and absurdity in all levels of human relationships. Besel is a new voice with a strong and profound value, her stories are filled with wit and humour and incredible poignancy, she deftly reveals the everyday patterns that, over time, can swerve a life off course.

In search of Canada’s Ancient Heartland : Discover Manitoba’s Geology, Paleontology and Archaeology, by Barbara Huck and Doug Whiteway

Geologically and geographically, Manitoba is truly North America’s heartland. A place of subtle and varied landscape, it was nearly two billion years in the making. But clues to its ancient past are everywhere––in its plains and hills, along its lakeshores and rivers, and around its seacoast. For the first time, the geological, paleontological and archaeological wonders of Manitoba are gathered in one place. With hundreds of colour photographs, maps and drawings, In Search of Canada’s Ancient Heartland presents an accessible, route-oriented approach for today’s time travellers, creating an indispensable guide to the forces that have shaped the spirit of the land.

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