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Adventures the Kids Will Love!

By Eastman Tourism

July 15, 2022
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Adventures the Kids Will Love – And You Will Too!

Summer is the season of exploring, adventure, and spending fun quality time with family and friends – especially for the kids!

Eastern Manitoba is home to many incredible adventures and experiences that your kiddo, grandchild, or younger sibling will absolutely LOVE exploring with you. Check out our list of adventures the kids will love and start planning your next outing in Eastern Manitoba!

Explore the Trails

Grab those hiking shoes or put your sneakers to the test and experience the magnificent trails scattered throughout the Eastman Region. Whether you’re hiking, biking, or running, these trails offer endless opportunities for a fun family outing that you’ll remember for years to come!

*Please check trail and road conditions before heading out on your adventure*

  • Ancient Beach Trailhead – Grand Marais
  • Aspen and Bluestem Loop Trail – Oakbank
  • Black Lake Hiking Trail – Black Lake (Nopiming Provincial Park)
  • Blue Highway Mountain Biking Trail – West Hawk Lake (Whiteshell Provincial Park)
  • Blue Water South Trail – Lac du Bonnet & Great Falls
  • Brokenhead Wetland Interpretive Tail – Beaconia
  • Cabin Lake Hiking Trail – Whiteshell Provincial Park
  • Cedar Bog Trail – Birds Hill Provincial Park
  • Top of the World Trail – Falcon Lake
  • Centennial Trail – McGillivray Falls, Caddy Lake and West Hawk Lake
  • Crow Wing Trail – Emerson, Franklin, De Salaberry, St-Pierre-Jolys, Niverville,  Ritchot and Roseau River First Nation.
  • Elk Island Loop Trail – Elk Island Provincial Park
  • Falcon Creek Trail – Falcon Beach
  • Forester’s Footsteps Self-guiding Trail – Betula Lake (Whiteshell Provincial Park)
  • Fort Dufferin Riding Trail – Emerson
  • Horseshoe Lake – Sundown
  • Hunt Lake Trail – Hunt Lake (Whiteshell Provincial Park)

  • Walking on Ancient Mountains – Nopiming Provincial Park
  • Jessica Lake Hiking Trails – Jessica Lake (Whiteshell Provincial Park)
  • Mantario Trail – Whiteshell Provincial Park
  • McGillivray Falls Self-guiding Trail – McGillivray Falls (Whiteshell Provincial Park)
  • Nimowin Self-Guiding Trail – Oakbank
  • Niverville Wetlands – Niverville
  • Old Pinawa Self-guiding Trail – Lac du Bonnet
  • The Pinawa Trail – Pinawa
  • Pine Point Rapids – Whiteshell Provincial Park
  • Whitemouth Falls Provincial Park – Whitemouth
  • Pine Ridge Self-guiding Trail – Springfield
  • Rat River Heritage Marsh – Rosa
  • Red River North Trail – Birds Hill Provincial Park, Beaconia, Grand Marais, and Grand Beach
  • The Prairie Shore Interpretive Trail – Gardenton
  • Sandilands Provincial Forest – RMs of Reynolds, Piney, and Stuartburn
  • Seven Sisters Falls Generating Station – Seven Sisters Falls
  • St. Malo Loop – St. Malo
  • Sturgeon Falls Trail – Rennie

Visit the Museums

Eastern Manitoba has a rich and diverse history. Around every corner lies an intriguing piece of history that tells the story of how our communities, Manitoba, and all of Canada have formed into how they are today.

Nestled in our municipalities are museums and historical societies that showcase fascinating stories and artifacts. Through programs, events, and simply visiting these museums to see their displays, you learn our history in a fun way.

Visiting a museum is a great way to spend some quality time while learning new things! By exploring our many museums, you can learn about the first woman doctor in Manitoba (Whitemouth Museum), how the Winnipeg River was integral for the development of Canada (Winnipeg River Museum), discover how pioneers lived (Pioneer Village Museum), and much more!

  • Anola & District Heritage Museum – Anola
  • Buffalo Point Cultural Centre – Buffalo Point
  • Cook’s Creek Heritage Museum – Cooks Creek
  • Dawson Trail Museum – Richer
  • East Beaches Heritage Wing – Grand Marais
  • Fort Dufferin Museum – Emerson
  • Franklin Museum – Dominion City
  • Gardenton Ukrainian Museum – Gardenton
  • Historique Monseigneur Tache – Ste. Geneviève

  • Lac du Bonnet & District Museum – Lac du Bonnet
  • Mennonite Heritage Village – Steinbach
  • Midwinter School Heritage Museum – East Braintree
  • Musee de Saint-Pierre-Jolys Site – St. Pierre Jolys
  • Pioneer Village Museum – Beausejour
  • Sprague & District Historical Museum – Sprague
  • Tolstoi Heritage Centre – Tolstoi
  • Whitemouth Municipal Museum – Whitemouth
  • Winnipeg River Heritage Museum – St. Georges


Who doesn’t love going on a treasure hunt? Geocaching provides a modern-day, outdoor twist to the ever-popular treasure hunt, but instead of using an old, tattered map with a big ‘X’ on it, you use GPS devices or Google Maps.

You can find caches all over Eastern Manitoba and in most of our Municipalities. All you need to do is go to geocaching.com, type in what community you want to explore and find the list of caches in that area. Once you have the latitude and longitude coordinates for the cache, you can set off with your GPS for your adventure.

In most caches, you will find a container that holds a prize. For some, you can even trade for the item inside with something of even or greater value. Most locations have a logbook, so you can mark down that you successfully found the geocache.

There are not many rules for geocaching, but there are a few so everyone can have a good time:

If you take the “prize” from the geocache, leave an item of equal or greater value. Please note: Some geocache finds are not meant to be taken or traded. Know the rules of the geocache before you head out.

  • Use the logbooks at geocache locations and on websites like Geocaching.com or Manitoba Geocaching.
  • Be thoughtful when posting photos! Don’t spoil the fun for other geocachers by posting every detail of the geocache location.
  • Dress appropriately. You’ll be spending your day in the elements and out in the wilderness, so wear the right shoes and pack extra layers.
  • Try to leave the location as you found it. Half the fun is searching for the geocache itself, so leave everything as you found it to not leave clues where it is.

You don’t need a lot when geocaching, but here are a few musts:

  • GPS/smartphone. This is essential for geocaching! Also, consider bringing extra batteries and/or a charger.
  • Bring SWAG (Stuff We All Get). If you plan on taking the item in the geocaching location, you must leave something of equal or greater value. But don’t worry! Just bring some fun knickknacks or toys to replace them.
  • Bring snacks and plenty of water.
  • Sunscreen.

  • Bug spray.
  • Proper outdoor gear.
  • TOTT (Tools of the Trade). Consider bringing along a flashlight or penlight, a mirror, magnet, and pocket knife.
  • First aid kit.

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