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5 Ways to Safely Spread Holiday Cheer

Spreading Christmas cheer to your community doesn’t have to be a huge event or social gathering. It can be simple things that show that we’re in this together or small acts that put a smile on someone’s face.

By Eastman Tourism

December 4, 2020
Read time: 3 min

There is no denying this Christmas will be different. But, it doesn’t mean that the Holiday and community spirit are gone!

Spreading Christmas cheer to your community doesn’t have to be a huge event or social gathering. It can be simple things that show that we’re in this together or small acts that put a smile on someone’s face.


  • Stay home if you have been travelling or do not feel well. Here is an excellent resource if you are quarantined. This will help you find people in Manitoba who are willing and able to help you while quarantined. Help Next Door Manitoba
  • Go out with people within your household, but practice social distancing (2 metres away) with other groups.
  • Please call ahead before visiting a business and inquire about their regulations to enter the building, such as capacity, sanitation, etc. Also, consider using curbside pickup where possible.
  • Please practice Leave No Trace. Clean up after yourself and leave nothing behind, such as trash and waste.

Carolling (with People in your Household)

If you and your family are musically gifted, then it’s time to show off your talents! Carolling may be one of the greatest ways to spread some holiday cheer in people’s lives.

Set up somewhere, or walk through your town, and sing those classic Christmas songs that everybody knows and loves.

Decorate Trees in your Community Park

Note: Contact your local Municipality regarding regulations and permission.

Starting a community initiative is obviously a great way to boost morale and bring people together – even if you’re not physically together.

Talk to your local Municipality and get the all-clear from them about adding simple decorations to the trees in your local park. During people’s walks through the park, they can add their personal ornament to the tree and admire their community’s work. This Holiday idea also promotes staying active physically and gets them involve with the community.

Get into Costume

Remember back in spring when people dressed up as dinosaurs and walked through their community just to add some laughter and wonder to people’s days? Suit up and dress as any of your favourite Christmas characters – whether it’s the Grinch (perfect idea if you have a dog), Rudolph, elves, or Old Saint Nick himself.

If you do have one of those dinosaur costumes, you can even get in on the fun. Grab your dino costume and add a Christmas hat, beard, or antlers and be the best Holiday Dinosaur of all time!

Light up your Yard

If you haven’t already, spruce up your yard with some holiday cheer! Add lights, figures, snow sculptures, or any kind of Christmas decoration to your yard.

Who doesn’t love driving around and seeing the twinkling lights that people set up? Whether your theme is whimsical, classic, wacky, elegant, or something in between, connect with your creative side to add some Christmas spirit to your community.

Santa Drive Through

Like we said before, it’s time to suit up! While kids can’t go to the mall and get their picture taken with Santa Claus this year, you can still add some magic during the holiday season.

Grab your Santa suit and drive through your community. Just being able to see and wave to Santa Claus will definitely put a smile on kids’ faces.

Bonus: Zoom/Phone Call with Santa

If you want to go all out this year with your Santa suit, use Zoom and let kids have a conversation with Santa! Parents can contact you beforehand and give you “insider information” on how their kids have been this year. You can even give them praise for things they have accomplished this year.

If you don’t have a Santa suit (and let’s be honest, most people don’t) but still want to make this Christmas extra special for kids, forget Zoom, work on your Santa voice, and give kids a call!

Either one of these options will make this Holiday magical and special for kids, not to mention how happy parents will be.

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