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5 Ultimate Eastman Picnic Adventures


The lazy days of summer are soon coming to an end, oh who are we kidding . . .

By Eastman Tourism

August 26, 2018
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The lazy days of summer are soon coming to an end, oh who are we kidding . . . your summer has been full of outings and adventures, and as the summer winds down, maybe it’s time to slow things down just a little.
We’ve got just the thing for you! How about a nice relaxing drive to discover the ultimate Eastern Manitoba picnic location? That sounds relaxing, doesn’t it?

Step One: Leave the City Behind

The first step to enjoying the ultimate picnic experience is to get out of the city; leaving behind the noise and the hustle and bustle that undoubtedly surrounds everyone, everywhere! Load your car up with a few essentials, a blanket, your favourite music for the trip, a book to read while relaxing amongst the peacefulness of the country, sunscreen, a hat, and whatever else you think you may enjoy using for the day.

Step Two: Choose One of these Picnic Adventures

The St. Malo Adventure

Your picnic adventure begins with a stop at the St. Malo Meat & Deli market where you will find a fantastic selection of fresh, local treats. Choose from a wide range of deli products including an assortment of cheese, salads, meat, smoked products and other prepared foods. Once your picnic basket is full, it’s time to head over to the St. Malo Provincial Park. Enjoy your time relaxing in the pleasant and calming atmosphere of the park or go for a dip in one of the two beaches. If you’re looking for a little more adventure, St. Malo Provincial Park is also an excellent destination for canoeing or sailboarding or hiking the trails and exploring the Rat River dam and dyke.

The Lac du Bonnet Adventure

Start this picnic adventure off with a stop at Gran’s Bake Shop in Lac du Bonnet. As the name would suggest, your senses will come alive with the tastes and smells of daily, fresh baked goods just like Grandma used to make. From cookies and muffins, bread and buns to the most amazing cinnamon buns on this side of the province, you won’t regret the extra calories. Once you’ve got all the baked goods you can carry, head on over to the Lac du Bonnet Town Dock where you can set up your picnic on the lawn and afterward, take a nice long swim in the cool waters of the Winnipeg River. This is also a local fishing hot spot, so pack your rods and perhaps catch some dinner!

The St. Pierre Jolys Adventure

Dazzle your taste buds with the fresh, delicious tastes of German Cuisine by starting your picnic adventure at Oma’s Schnitzel Stube. Weiner Schnitzel, Jaeger Schnitzel, Zwiebel Schnitzel, Zigeuner Schnitzel, Schweizer Schnitzel, Mailaender Schnitzel and Schnitzel Cordon Bleu are the hot menu items to choose from, but no fear . . . if you are traveling with a picky eater, they can enjoy chicken finger, beef stew and more. With your Schnitzel in hand, head on over to La Cabane a Sucre (a.k.a.) The Sugar Shack, to enjoy your picnic on the grounds where maple syrup has been made since 1986.

The Beausejour Adventure

This adventure starts with a phone call to Bluewater Whole Hog where you can order up a picnic feast fit for a king. Choose from a wide selection of salads, perogies, meatballs, cold cuts, fruit platter, cheese platter and more. Once you’ve got your goodies stashed it’s time to head over to the Beausejour Daylily Gardens to enjoy the sights and smells of thousands of flowers including daylilies, irises, peonies, lilies, and many more.

The Farmer’s Market Picnic Adventure

Eastern Manitoba is home to 7 Farmer’s Markets in 7 different towns! With this adventure start by selecting a Farmer’s Market location of your choice. With farm, fresh produce, fresh baked goods and smoked meat & fish available you’ll be able to put together an impressive spread that everyone will love! Once you have all your picnic goodies, it’s time to lose yourself in the community you have chosen until you find the perfect park or beach or secret location to have your picnic. One great thing about small towns is, it is nearly impossible to really get lost, just pick a direction and go. If you prefer to cheat, open up Google Maps to help you find the perfect destination.

Step Three: Eat, Relax and Enjoy the Company

Once you’ve got your food in hand, and have found that perfect destination, all that’s left to do is eat, relax, and enjoy the company of those you are with! What could be better than that?

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