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5 Awesome Eastman Skiing Locations

We all love winter, but February is like the Wednesday of months. The big Holidays have come and gone, the winter blues are settling in, and Spring seems very far away.

By Eastman Tourism

February 13, 2020
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We all love winter, but February is like the Wednesday of months. The big Holidays have come and gone, the winter blues are settling in, and Spring seems very far away. Boost up your spirits and take advantage of all the amazing adventures that winter has to offer!

The Eastman Region has beautiful forests, plenty of snow, and communities and organizations that are determined to give you the perfect skiing experience! We wanted to make it easier for you to find out where in the Eastman are the best spots, the only hard part is deciding where you should start!

Falcon Ridge

Falcon Ridge is a fantastic skiing destination for your adventure needs! Travel through the boreal forest while discovering remote lakes and the natural beauty of the untouched wilderness. Falcon Ridge offers a variety of trails for all levels of ability, so everyone can enjoy and feel confident with their experience. They also offer groomed trails that are perfect for skate technique!

Sit back and relax after a full day of skiing at the Falcon Trails Resort, where you can rent a lakefront cabin and warm your chilled limbs with a relaxing soak in a hot tub!

Falcon Ridge offers over 25K of skating and classic trails; and also connects with the South Whiteshell Trail that adds an extra 40K! And it gets even better! Stop by on weekends to enjoy ski rentals, delicious meals, a ski chalet with a nice, warm stone fireplace, and much more!


Pinawa isn’t just known for its multitude of deer, but also for the hardworking volunteers of the Whiteshell Cross Country Ski club that maintains 7K of rolling skating and classic trail on the Pinawa Golf Course, 40K of classic trails in the Canadian Shield forest, and 1.2K lighted trail.

Take a break and warm up while you’re out on the trail at one of the warming huts located on the Red, Orange, and English River Trails.

And when your day of skiing is over, stop over to the Pinawa club where skiers are welcome to sit down, eat some tasty food, and talk about their adventure!

Pine Falls

The Duck Lake Ski Club maintains an 11K trail that has gently rolling terrain with only one major climb and no steep downhills. The trail goes through the breathtaking boreal forest that is mixed with wood forest, balsam fir forest, lowland black spruce forest, black spruce/tamarack bog, meadow, and black ash trees.

Make sure to stop in at the Doyle-Pitre Chalet! A warming hut that people say has lots of character and is the perfect spot to cook hot dogs over a fire before you head back on your journey.

Seven Sisters Falls

The beautiful Seven Sisters Falls trails are great skiing and snowshoeing experience! The trail offers skiers three loops of their choosing: short (3K), medium, and long (7K).

Seven Sisters Falls has magnificent sights like the Seven Sisters hydro dam, an abundance of wildlife (such as white-tailed deer, rabbits, bald eagles, and much more), and a trail that is fairly easy, but has a variety of terrain and fun hills!

Skiing at the Provincial Parks

The Provincial Parks in Eastern Manitoba are always working hard to give you the greatest adventure experience and when it comes to skiing they know it’s no joke! And keep a lookout for upcoming snowshoe adventures!

Agassiz Provincial Forest

Birds Hill Provincial Park

Grand Beach Provincial Park


St. Malo Provincial Park

Whiteshell Provincial Park

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