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There's plenty of room for guests in Eastern Manitoba - and you're going to love your hosts. Wake up to the sights of natural wilderness from your rustic cabin window, smell the scent of fresh brewed coffee at a cozy bed and breakfast, or luxuriate in a resort on the water.  Warm hospitality, hosts with character and stories to tell, all the comforts you need, wherever you go in Eastern Manitoba, we roll out the red carpet for you.

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Parlez-vous français? Even if you don’t, the Francophone culture in Manitoba will welcome you with open arms. You may even learn a new language. Bienvenue! Clicking the image will open doors to the lively Francophone culture in French or English.



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Glenn Howard Inn

Meeting room, pool, Laura’s Café

Great Woods Park and Campground

As unique as nature itself.

Inverness Falls

Romance, relaxation and the great outdoors.
Location: Whiteshell Provincial Park

Lilac Resort RV, Lodging & Waterpark

Manitoba's Most Complete RV, Lodging and Water Park Resort
Vacations last a weekend, memories last a lifetime...
Jamaica, Fiji, Hawaii, Mexico, the Caymans... Whatever your idea of paradise, Lilac Resort will take you there.
We'll do it all without passports or the hassles of air travel. Soak up the sun on our tropical sun deck. Relax in a hot tub, or dance in the sand by the light of bonfires and Tiki torches. Our showcase of local entertainment and abundance of activities will excite you.
All in a setting just 20 minutes away from Winnipeg with one goal in mind…
Your total vacation pleasure!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LilacReso [...]

Log Haven Lodge

Your Vacation Destination

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