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Parlez-vous français? Even if you don’t, the Francophone culture in Manitoba will welcome you with open arms. You may even learn a new language. Bienvenue! Clicking the image will open doors to the lively Francophone culture in French or English.



Places to go


Here you'll find a campground, 18 hole mini golf course, and a solar heated public swimming pool which offers swimming lessons during the summer months.  Vassar hosts annual events such as  a poker derby  in February and the Vassar Baseball Tournament in August.  

Village of St-Pierre-Jolys

Less than 30 minutes south of Winnipeg lies a charming Francophone village on the banks of the Rat River - the picturesque village of St-Pierre-Jolys. Known for its annual Frog Follies Agricultural Fair held in July, St.-Pierre-Jolys also celebrates the spring “sugaring off” season. Indulge your sweet tooth at the St. Pierre Sugar Shack. It is also a great opportunity to visit the local museum,  or take a hike on the Crow Wing Trail; then enjoy an authentic European cuisine experience.

Wanipigow Lake Archaeological Site

Wanipigow is a Cree word meaning "hollow water" or, more literally, "hole in the water." Legend states that in the past, a river flowing west from the country of many hills to the great lake ran into a hole and disappeared. The Wanipigow Lake Archaeological Site contains a wealth of information about past Aboriginal lifeways, making it one of the most significant sites in Manitoba.

The earliest habitation began approximately 6,000 years ago. More intensive use of the site occurred about 2,000 years ago by an Aboriginal people known as Laurel, after their distinctive pottery, which was the earliest in Manitoba. The presence of Laurel peop [...]

West Hawk Museum

Offers information on the Whiteshell's geology, the meteorite crater and early mining operations.  Adjacent to the campground office, it is open daily mid May to September long weekend.

Weston Family Tall Grass Prairie Interpretive Centre

The Weston Family Tall Grass Prairie Interpretive Centre provides a unique opportunity to interact with one of the rarest ecosystems in North America. The centre is also the Manitoba Region's base for conservation work in the community and is open seasonally to visitors, and year-round by appointment, providing programming for schools, youth and community groups, tours and meeting space.

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Whitemouth is true to its Manitoba roots with diversified geological beauty mixed with a friendly and courteous community spirit. Whitemouth is comfortably located one hour east of the City of Winnipeg and a half hour east of Beausejour, and 20 minutes west of the Whiteshell Provincial Park. Its this location that drew settlers from Europe in the 1800′s to the Town of Whitemouth, as the railway building era began making the town into a staging and supply centre. One of the first families attracted was that of Dr. Charlotte Ross – Manitoba’s first woman physician who lived and practised in Whitemouth from 1881 to 1912.  Tour the Whitemou [...]

Whitemouth Falls Provincial Park

Whitemouth Falls is a great place to spend the day picnicking, fishing and observing wildlife, such as the American White Pelican which frequent the falls. This site is also a known and provincially significant staging and migration area for the Great Gray Owl. There are three known archaeological sites of significance adjacent to Whitemouth Falls. Research into these sites indicates that they were used as campsites and were frequented as much as 4,800 years ago. 

Whitemouth Island Ecological Reserve

Manitoba's 16th Ecological Reserve.  Protects one of the westernmost examples in Canada of a mature, largely undisturbed deciduous forest community representative of the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence forest region.

Contains the many plants that are considered rare in Manitoba.

Whitemouth Municipal Museum

Showcasing an eclectic mixture of artifacts focusing on agriculture, railroad and domestic items. Located at the site, a 100 year old house, decorated with furnishings of years past; a CPR caboose built in 1929; two artifacts buildings; an old Trapper's house, an office/artifacts building, 2 pole sheds for machinery, a steel shed machinery building; Anglican Church from 1906; and a clay oven used for baking buns during Heritage Days in September.
Also on the site is a cairn dedicated to the memory of Dr. Charlotte Ross, the first woman doctor to practice in Manitoba. She lived and practised in Whitemouth from 1881 to 1912.  Bus tours are we [...]

Whiteshell Natural History Museum

A favourite stop for many park visitors, its displays are a blend of the old and the new.  The log constructed museum at Nutimik Lake houses displays focusing on the boreal forest, Aboriginal peoples, petroforms, sturgeon and the Winnipeg River.  Open May long weekend to September long weekend. 

Whiteshell Provincial Park

This spectacular park offers over 2,729 km²/1,689 mi² of impressive waters and lush forests. Park visitors of all ages enjoy hiking, mountain biking, tennis, quiet beaches and water sports of all kinds. Over 200 lakes offer walleye, northern pike, perch, smallmouth bass and lake trout fishing excitement.

A year-round playground, the Whiteshell offers winter activity lovers cross-country and downhill skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing, winter hiking, skating and snowmobiling. The park has three entrance points: Hwy. 1 from the east or west, from the south on the La Vérendrye Trail at Hwy. 44 and driving northward on PR 307. To enter the par [...]

Whiteshell Trappers Museum

Located adjacent to Alfred Hole Goose Sanctuary and Interpretive Centre, the Whiteshell Trappers’ Museum was built by local trappers in 1997, possibly the only one of its kind in North America. It was modeled after a typical trappers' cabin, but is a little larger to accommodate company. Drop by and visit with an honest to goodness trapper. Let them answer your questions about the history of trapping and the fur-bearing animals of the Whiteshell.  You will also learn about modern trapping techniques and the important role trappers play in wildlife management. Immerse yourself in the trapping lifestyle and the wildlife of the Whiteshell [...]

Winnipeg River Heritage Museum

From its historical and ancient beginnings through to modern times the Winnipeg River has played a significant part in the lives of the people who live near and travel on it. It is the significance of the Winnipeg River, the interaction of the River with the people, and the ultimate impact on the history of Canadian settlement, which is the primary focus of the Winnipeg River Heritage Museum. Part of the impetus for this development is to allow the communities to benefit through economic growth and revitalization that would be associated with a facility of this kind.

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Set on the Western Border of the Sandilands Provincial Forest approximately 50km Southeast of Steinbach, the cottage community here is flourishing. With the development of numerous groomed snowmobile and ATV trails, Woodridge welcomes the steady influx of visitors.  If you are looking for a weekend getaway, this is it! 

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