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Parlez-vous français? Even if you don’t, the Francophone culture in Manitoba will welcome you with open arms. You may even learn a new language. Bienvenue! Clicking the image will open doors to the lively Francophone culture in French or English.



Places to go


The Hamlet of Giroux is the location of Philip's Magical Paradise, Western Canada's only magic museum.  Need a little magic in your life, this is the spot to visit.  

Goulet House Musée de Saint-Pierre-Jolys

The vernacular Goulet House is a fine example of early French domestic architecture in Manitoba. Its Red River frame construction is masterfully exhibited in its hand-cut log walls, while its vertical board-and-batten siding and gambrel roof are typical of early Francophone structures. The family home, built by Moise Goulet, a freighter who transported goods by Red River ox cart from the United States to Canada, was originally situated alongside trading routes near the Rat River and doubled as a resting place for fellow freighters. In 1985 it was moved to its current location, where it is now part of the St-Pierre-Jolys Museum, and restored.

Grand Beach Provincial Park

Resting along the eastern shore of Lake Winnipeg, Canada's sixth largest fresh water lake and next to the historic La Vérendrye Trail, are powdery white sand beaches and grass-topped dunes that make this one of the top beaches in North America. The dunes reach as high as 8 m/30 ft. A lagoon supports many species of birds.

An excellent place to swim, wind surf or hike, three excellent self-guiding walks: Spirit Rock Trail, Wild Wings Trail and the Ancient Beach Trail. The Park also features a campground, outdoor amphitheatre, picnic shelters, a restaurant, concession services and wheelchair access to the beach.


Home to the Hanover Ag Society Rodeo and Fair held annually each August.  This is a Semi Pro Rodeo featuring llive bands, an infamous Manitoba social, games, pony rides and a fireworks display.


The hamlet of Hadashville is named after Charles Hadash, who moved his family to the area after learning that a railway for the Greater Winnipeg Water District's Shoal Lake Aqueduct was planned. Hadash established the first post office in Hadashville along with a small store, pool room, and dance hall.  Today, the region is home to the Sandiland's Forest Discovery Centre.

Hespeler Park in Niverville

A 90 acre recreation area with bike trails, soccer pitches, baseball diamonds, a large covered picnic area, man-made and natural play structures. The park is also situated on a section of Crow Wing Trail which was travelled by early settlers using the famous Red River Ox carts.

Historic Highway #1

Route 44 or as it became recognized in 2007, Historic Highway #1 was part of the first national highway system in Canada, even before the current Trans-Canada Highway in Manitoba.  Historic Highway #1 provided a key link in the movement of people and goods across Canada through Manitoba and played an integral role in Manitoba’s economic development and Western Canada's growth.  Historic Highway #1 runs from Lockport to West Hawk Lake.

Hollow Water First Nation

Hollow Water is located in Wanipigow.  Approx 215 Kms North of Winnipeg, within the Precambrian shield region, is accessible by an all weather road via PTH #304.  The area is known for fishing, hunting, trapping and wild rice harvesting.  Here you can experience rich aboriginal culture.

Jacobs Trading Ye Olde Rock Shop

Plan to visit Manitoba's LARGEST Rock and Crystal shop! Crystals, Unusual Mineral Specimens, Fossils and much more!



Known to locals as Manitoba's best tasting honey producer, join the community of Kleefeld as they celebrate annually with the Honey Festival in August.  Amenities include a unique one-stop shopping centre featuring everything from exceptional pies to hardware supplies.

La Broquerie

Rich with dairy farms, the village of La Broquerie welcomes visitors with a huge, decorative Holstein at the south entrance to town. The community welcomes snowmobile and cross-country ski enthusiasts to venture out along the beautiful nature trails.   Whether you want to experience outdoor fun, relaxation, meeting new people or a new place to call home, come live it all in the growing francophone community of La Broquerie!   Over 150 businesses and community groups are ready to satisfy your personal experience.

Our community signature events are:

JUNE 25-26 St. Jean-Baptiste Days
Celebrations include traditional French “Joie de Vivre” wit [...]

La Vérendrye Trail

Located in Manitoba's most diverse tourism region, La Vérendrye Trail is comprised of five distinct corridors within Northeastern Manitoba, each with its own geographical and cultural uniqueness. Use the Trail as an exciting opportunity to explore the adventurous heart of Manitoba's historical and cultural past.

Travellers coming from the west begin their adventure at the historic Forks in Winnipeg, where the Red and Assiniboine Rivers meet. Follow the yellow and blue signs of La Vérendrye appearing on the designated highways in eastern Manitoba, marking the path of the fur traders along the Red River to the beaches of Lake Winnipeg.

Adve [...]

Lac du Bonnet

One of the most desirable places to live, work or play in Manitoba. Endless rivers and lakes, lush forests full of nature and beautiful granite hills make this the last stop on the prairie.  There are over 60 kilometres of waterways in the region. The area is the second most popular fishing region in the province; second only to the Red River.  Situated at the boundary of prairie farmland and boreal forest, Lac du Bonnet is also bird watchers' paradise. Over 300 species of birds can be found within a few kilometers of the Winnipeg River.  Lac du Bonnet along with other regional Municipalities, have joined in as partners to the building of [...]

Lac du Bonnet District Museum

The museum is a unique orientation centre concept, staffed during the summer months, to act as a hub for the area's history. The Hans Erickson (1936) log cabin is most appropriate for the Lac du Bonnet District Museum. It houses pre-historic artifacts and family/ethnic traditions unique to this area.


Ladywood School No. 555

The Ladywood School District was organized formally in October 1888. The present wood frame building dates from the early 20th century and is situated in the village of Ladywood, in the Rural Municipality of Brokenhead. It closed in 1968 and the building now stands vacant. 


Earning its name for being the longitudinal centre of Canada, where Canada's Heart Beats, Landmark's development on the Dawson Trail as its primary transportation route with its roots primarily in agriculture.  A great opportunity for a selfie to say you were at the center of it all.

Le Beau Café & Fudgerie

At Le Beau Cafe and Fudgerie, they focus on quality fresh food.  Carmen Cole, a certified Red Seal Chef, prepares new dishes daily depending on what’s in season, creating a constantly changing menu.  They also craft over 300 varieties of handmade fudge on site and often have 30+ different flavors available.  There’s everything from spiced muffins to blueberry salad to sweet potato soup to Chicken Alfredo Lasagna.  The menu constantly changes, so you can come back often for something new each time.
The outdoor patio is a great place to relax and enjoy the sunshine while enjoying a craft beer or wine.  At Le Beau Café they host craft beer [...]

Lilac Resort RV, Lodging & Waterpark

Manitoba's Most Complete RV, Lodging and Water Park Resort
Vacations last a weekend, memories last a lifetime...
Jamaica, Fiji, Hawaii, Mexico, the Caymans... Whatever your idea of paradise, Lilac Resort will take you there.
We'll do it all without passports or the hassles of air travel. Soak up the sun on our tropical sun deck. Relax in a hot tub, or dance in the sand by the light of bonfires and Tiki torches. Our showcase of local entertainment and abundance of activities will excite you.
All in a setting just 20 minutes away from Winnipeg with one goal in mind…
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Facebook: [...]

Livery Barn Restaurant

Livery Barn Restaurant, where food is prepared in a Russian Mennonite traditional cuisine. Waut es daut? Faspa, Foarma Worscht, Kielkje, Komst Borscht, Plautz – come discover these culinary treats.


Boasting a community complex which hosts many sporting events, recreation activities and events throughout the year, Lorette is home to a historical Roman Catholic Church.

Maison Chapelle

This building is an imitation of the first church ever built in St-Malo and which also housed the first school in the parish. Located at 21 103 PTH 59 on the corner of PTH 59 and Beach Road on the way to St Malo Provincial Park.  This building now houses a Gas bar, C-Store and offices.


Located at the mouth of the Manigotagan River on the east shore of Lake Winnipeg about 190 kilometres north of Winnipeg on PR #304. Recreation facilities include a ball field, community hall and curling rink.  Services include food and accommodations. 

Manitoba Glass Works Historical Site

This is the first glass factory in Western Canada, in Beausejour on First Street South. Archaeologists have uncovered ink bottles and various tools on the site dating back a century. It’s worth a drive by to simply have a look at the history. 

Manitoba’s Biggest Sturgeon Monument

This monument in Dominion City (Rural Municipality of Franklin) is an original size reproduction of Manitoba’s biggest sturgeon, weighing 406 pounds, measuring 15½ feet long, aged at 150 years, a female full of eggs, that was caught in the Roseau River east of Dominion City by Sandy Waddell on 27 October 1903. Hauled home in a seven-foot democrat by a team of horses, five feet of this monster fish still trailed on the ground. It is located beside the First Railway Monument.

Masonic Lodge

Masons at Emerson were amongst the first in Manitoba to form a lodge, but only in 1921, with the construction of this building, did they have a formal home. Currently being restored as a museum, the building retains all of its original character. The symbolic components of the order, as well as the regalia for meetings are all intact, from the red floor and blue ceiling, to the altars and chairs, voting box and chimes. The original part of the building, with the gable roof, is highlighted by the classically detailed entrance façade. The flat-roofed section was added in 1948 for additional meeting space.

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