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Maison Chapelle

This building is an imitation of the first church ever built in St-Malo and which also housed the first school in the parish. Located at 21 103 PTH 59 on the corner of PTH 59 and Beach Road on the way to St Malo Provincial Park.  This building now houses a Gas bar, C-Store and offices.


Located at the mouth of the Manigotagan River on the east shore of Lake Winnipeg about 190 kilometres north of Winnipeg on PR #304. Recreation facilities include a ball field, community hall and curling rink.  Services include food and accommodations. 

Manitoba Glass Works Historical Site

This is the first glass factory in Western Canada, in Beausejour on First Street South. Archaeologists have uncovered ink bottles and various tools on the site dating back a century. It’s worth a drive by to simply have a look at the history. 

Manitoba’s Biggest Sturgeon Monument

This monument in Dominion City (Rural Municipality of Franklin) is an original size reproduction of Manitoba’s biggest sturgeon, weighing 406 pounds, measuring 15½ feet long, aged at 150 years, a female full of eggs, that was caught in the Roseau River east of Dominion City by Sandy Waddell on 27 October 1903. Hauled home in a seven-foot democrat by a team of horses, five feet of this monster fish still trailed on the ground. It is located beside the First Railway Monument.

Masonic Lodge

Masons at Emerson were amongst the first in Manitoba to form a lodge, but only in 1921, with the construction of this building, did they have a formal home. Currently being restored as a museum, the building retains all of its original character. The symbolic components of the order, as well as the regalia for meetings are all intact, from the red floor and blue ceiling, to the altars and chairs, voting box and chimes. The original part of the building, with the gable roof, is highlighted by the classically detailed entrance façade. The flat-roofed section was added in 1948 for additional meeting space.

Mennonite Heritage Village (Canada) Inc

A unique experience awaits visitors at the Mennonite Heritage Village.  This 40 acre complex, located in Steinbach, spreads out from a street reminiscent of the Mennonite villages found in southern Manitoba during the late 1800s.  A windmill with 20 m/60 ft sails dominates the village.  Century-old dwellings, church and school are furnished to the period. The Livery Barn Restaurant serves tasty Mennonite fare, from traditional recipes, in a pioneer setting. The general store offers locally crafted items, stone-ground flour, old-fashioned candy, a selection of souvenirs.  The Village Centre houses exhibition galleries, a room for the car [...]


Middlebro is the most eastern community in Manitoba. In the early 1900's, the town was called Gravel Pit. The name derived from the fact that the Canadian National Railway was using the area for storing gravel to construct the railway. No one can say for sure when the name changed from Gravel Pit to Middlebro.  Annual community events include Poker Derby in February, a Fall Supper in October and a New Year's Eve Pot Luck Supper and Dance. 

Midwinter School Heritage Site

Midwinter School Heritage Site is a century old one room school museum on a seven acre parcel of land along the Boggy River in East Braintree.  Named after Charles Midwinter, a Winnipeg City Councillor who donated his homestead; Midwinter School was built in 1917. The School House closed in 1968 when rural schools became consolidated. It was then bought by the communities of Glenn, McMunn and East Braintree.  It became a Regional Heritage Site in 1989 and a National Heritage Site in 2010.
The school building was once used as a community place, a one-room school, a dance hall, a church, a bingo hall and for community 4H meetings and fairs. [...]


Home to many high-grade recreational facilities, Mitchell also is home to an annual Family Fun Day celebration in August. 

MOM's Way

This Historic east-west route joins Lake Superior to the western prairies. MOM's Way is the name for a series of highways in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Manitoba, and the U.S. state of Minnesota. The name "MOM" is an acronym for Manitoba, Ontario, and Minnesota, the two provinces and one state traversed by this multi-highway route.

Discover the route less travelled! Travelling southeast from Winnipeg or west from Thunder Bay, MOM's Way offers 645 kms of well-kept, paved roads connecting these two cities along Highways 11 and 12 through Canada and the U.S.  For centuries, First Nations people and the fur trades, "coureurs de boi [...]


The Monseigneur-Taché Historic Site is a 20-acre municipally designated historic site in the scenic hamlet of Ste. Genevieve, Manitoba. The site comprises a well-preserved historic 1918 wooden church that dominates the main street, and a presbytery built in the same year, a vintage storage building, as well as a quaint and well-kept parish cemetery. The setting is spacious and bucolic with a mix of natural forest, fields and landscaped grounds with picnic tables. It is the Rural Municipality of Tache’s only historic site and museum.
Our focus is on the French-Canadian religious and local heritage from the time of the colonization of Wes [...]

Municipality of Franklin

The communities of Dominion City, Arnaud, Carlowrie, Fredensthal, Green Ridge, Overstoneville, Ridgeville, Rosa, Roseau River, Senkiw, Tolstoi and Woodmore make up the Municipality of Franklin.  Bordered on the west by the Red River, the Roseau River runs through the RM and the area encompasses a portion of the Crow Wing Trail, makes this region a destination for the outdoor enthusiast.  Many of the communities host annual fall suppers.  The Franklin museum, located in Dominion City, is home to many historical artifacts and nearby is a replica of a giant sturgeon, the largest freshwater fish ever caught in Manitoba.  Located near Tolsto [...]

Municipality of Ritchot

The Municipality of Ritchot has many activities and amenities for residents and visitors. The highlights in our region, just south of the St. Norbert, are the Ste Agathe Cartier Park and Red River Flood Interpretive Centre and Murals. Just north of St. Adolphe, families can have fun on the farm at the Amaze in Corn with a large corn maze, petting zoo, picnic areas, horse drawn carriage rides and horseback rides, and MB’s only safety certified Zipline Adventures with a mini tour or the full 2 hour excursion. If one is lucky enough to visit the MB Wildlife Haven in IDC, or golf in either of our beautiful courses (Southside or River Oaks), [...]

Municipality of Springfield

Welcome to the communities of Springfield, Manitoba's first municipality and one of its largest. Established in 1873, Springfield stretches from urban industrial development on the eastern boundary of the City of Winnipeg, through urban, rural residential, agricultural and natural landscapes, to the Agassiz Provincial Forest on the municipality's eastern boundary.

Springfield has it all! We enjoy pristine water sources, a sustainable natural environment, the unparalleled beauty of Birds Hill Park and a wide range of recreational opportunities including a rich equestrian way of life.

Top things to do / Fairs Festivals
Birds Hill Park
Folk Fe [...]

Municipality of Stuartburn

The communities of Vita, Gardenton, Stuartburn, Zhoda, Pansy and Sundown are located in the southern part of Eastman in the Rural Municipality of Stuartburn.  Located along the Canada-US border, Highways 59 & 12 provide access to the area.  Primarily farming communities, but Gardenton and Pansy are infamous for their annual fall suppers.  Home to the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve, the Municipality also is home to great fishing, hiking and canoeing.  Gardenton is host to the Ukrainian Museum and Ukrainian festival in July.

Needle Crafts + Studio

Needle Crafts specializing in quilting cottons, yarns and notions. Classes, inspiration and instruction are also available!  Located at 524 Park Avenue, Beausejour.


New Bothwell

Originally known as Kronstal, New Bothwell is a famous destination for cheese aficionados as it is  home to award-winning cheese producer Bothwell Cheese.  For the adventure seekers, New Bothwell is home to Splatters Paintball.  Splatters provides an unforgettable event for people 10 years of age or older. It's a great team building activity while having a blast!  


Offering attractions for the entire family, Niverville is best known for the Niverville Olde Tyme Country Fair which takes place annually, the second weekend in June.  St Adolphe Convent and Miracle Room at the Personal Care Home is also located here.  Attractions include Imagine Run, Niverville Heritage Centre, Old Drover's Run Golf Course, Reflective Remembrance Memorial, Annual Winterfest & Market, Summer Fun Days, first grain elevator in western Canada, the Niverville wetlands is under development, Community Christmas Tree Lighting, outdoor community skating rinks, hockey, curling, cross-country skiing, baseball, soccer, rugby, walk [...]


Located in Springfield, Manitoba's oldest and largest rural municipality established in 1873.  In 1899, a post office was established in the present location of Oakbank and the village grew around it. In 1906, the Canadian Pacific Railway built a track that passed through the village; by 1927 the line was double-tracked.  A train station existed until1968.  Oakbank hosts the annual Springfield Days festival.


Meaning, “small river” in Gaelic, was established when the railway branch line was built from the US.  Perhaps best known as the location of the historic Providence University College and Theological Seminary with Bell Tower, one of Canada's largest Christian colleges. A Crow Wing Trail community, it boasts some of the best mountain bike rugged terrain.

Papillon Creations

Artist/owner Pierrette Sherwood shares a selection of her own reclaimed metal art creations alongside a varied assortment of antiques and vintage collectibles. New themes featured every month!

Paroisee Notre Dame de Lorette

Built in 1900 by Auguste Gauthier, and many volunteers, the church features walls and ceilings adorned with oil murals by artist L.E. Monty.

Philip’s Magical Paradise

Visitors to this magical paradise can experience an illusions show and try numerous hands on activities.


Pinawa is a recreation paradise, offering sailing, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, hiking, swimming, snowmobiling and cross-country skiing. It is home to an 18-hole Championship Golf Course, one of the provinces best courses, along the shores of the Winnipeg River and Pinawa Channel. Pinawa derives its name from the First Nations people who lived in the area prior to the explorer La Vérendrye's arrival along the historic Winnipeg River route. This particular area was referred to as "pinnowok", or "calm waters". The Pinawa Heritage Sundial, located at the marina, portrays the history of the region and the whimsical Pinawa Mall Murals, creat [...]

Pinawa Dam Provincial Heritage Park

Located on the Winnipeg River, Pinawa Dam was Manitoba’s first hydro-electric generating station. The dam was developed in response to the demand for residential and commercial power and was crucial to the rapid growth of Winnipeg in the pre-war years. The station began delivering power in 1906 and was closed in 1951 to allow the full flow of the Winnipeg River to serve the Seven Sisters Hydro Station built downstream. It is a tranquil park with large open spaces, plenty of shade, the peace of falling water and the relaxing songs of the birds. This is a great place to come to picnic, to hike the nature trails, to rediscover its past.

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