About Eastern Manitoba

There's a quiet confidence about the place, an unheralded history and energy, which makes Manitoba truly Canadian, yet unlike any other province in the country. Eastern Manitoba beckons you to explore a variety of year-round vacationoptions, from natural scenery to awe-inspiring ecotourism to lively gatherings and festival fun. Explore the scenic lakes, gushing rivers, rocky landscapes, rich prairies and varied cultures which presents travelers with an unparalleled experience. Come make your own special vacation memories in Eastern Manitoba.

This is how our hearts beat in Eastern Manitoba…

The Little North…First Nations culture, pristine wilderness, paddling safaris.
Prairie Waterways…historical waterways, spectacular sandy beaches, family fun.
The Shield…snowmobilers dream, top hiking trails, boreal forest.
Bison Woods…culturally rich, unspoiled nature, lively gatherings.
The Great Plains…festivals and food, Metis culture, the centre of Canada!



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Things to do

What do you love to do?  The five regions that make up Eastern Manitoba all possess characteristics like no other place in the province. With its scenic waterways, rare wildlife and rich history, it is a part of the province you should not miss on your visit to Manitoba. From the pristine rivers and lakes in the north to south. There’s so much to love in Eastern Manitoba.

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Tolstoi & Area Harvest Festival
August 25, 2018

Come celebrate the harvest with a workshop making those warm pockets of potato in the village of Tolstoi, home of three historic church buildings. A community wide event that celebrates the area [...]


Sundown Fall Supper
August 26, 2018

Come enjoy a delicious Ukrainian dinner with friends and family to kick off fall!


Lac du Bonnet Heritage Day
September 1, 2018

Lac du Bonnet & District Historical Society 's Annual Heritage Day celebration. A community family based event celebrating our Lac du Bonnet and District history. Indigenous peoples of the Ameri [...]